Gadget Comparison: Tronsmart Apollo Air vs Tronsmart Apollo Air+

Tronsmart Apollo Air vs. Air+ True Wireless ANC Earbuds

Tronsmart Apollo Air Vs Apollo Air Plus

Back-to-back Gadget Review: Tronsmart Apollo Air and Air+

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Tronsmart always has an excellent ring to its name every time it releases new products. When it comes to affordable wireless earphones, Tronsmart has always been a go-to brand for most gadget enthusiasts and audiophiles like me. As a busy person who doesn’t want any distraction when finishing some pending articles, I prefer noise-canceling earphones to make my listening experience as quiet as possible. Imagine this, you’re inside a coffee shop, and you want to get rid of people chatting around you and the siren from the incoming vehicles. One thing comes to mind – trusted and top-notch noise-canceling earphones on a budget.

Tronsmart Apollo Air+ Earbuds Review
Tronsmart Apollo Air+ Earbuds Review
Apollo Air Earbuds Tronsmart
Apollo Air Earbuds Tronsmart

We were lucky to try its new units – the Apollo Air and Apollo Air+. We’ll give you a rundown on its difference, unique selling proposition, audio qualities, and where you can buy them. Read this full article to know more.

What’s Inside the Package

Upon opening both the Apollo Air and Air+ simultaneously, we noticed that only the Air+ comes with a black pouch – and the Apollo Air+ comes with a 20 percent bigger packaging.

Tronsmart Apollo Air Earbuds
Tronsmart Apollo Air Earbuds

The Apollo Air

Overall, we love the dirty white matte color of the charging case and the earphones. It came with two extra ear tips, a user manual, a type-c cable, and a warranty card. The Apollo Air features a 20-hour playtime, and it’s also IP45 dustproof and waterproof. Since this also features a graphene driver, it boasts a pretty decent audio quality for clear sound, wherever you are – at home, on a commute, or in a noisy restaurant. Lastly, it’s built with six mics with cVc8.0 technology for crystal-clear calls.

As for the indicator light status, the charging case flashes blue three times when it charged and flashes red three times when it’s running out of battery. The user manual is easy to understand as well. If you want to maximize the volume, tap the right earbud once, then tap the left earbud once if you’re going to lessen the volume.

What we don’t like about the Apollo Air

The Apollo Air features a pretty decent audio quality for its price, but the connectivity begs to differ. Our team tried pairing it first with an iPhone, then disconnected it to pair with another phone (TCL Plex). However, even if you turned off and forgot the Apollo Air connectivity, it wouldn’t just pair with the phone but connect with other devices – or maybe other devices aren’t compatible with the earbuds. Upon looking at the manual, they have given instructions on how to reset the earbuds malfunction.

The Apollo Air+

Tronsmart Apollo Air+ Product Review photo by Mikyle Quizon
Tronsmart Apollo Air+ Product Review photo by Mikyle Quizon

We like the Apollo Air+ shiny and sleek black earbuds. It came with a Tronsmart leather case, a charging case, a warranty card, and extra four ear tips USB-C type cable (compared to the free two pairs of ear tips for the Apollo Air).

Without the charging case, you can enjoy a 5-hour playtime with the Apollo Air. The touch controls are also straightforward – tap either of the sides twice for pressing play and pause. If you want to reject a call, tap the left earbuds twice too. Just like the Apollo Air, if you’re going to maximize the volume, tap the right earbud once, then tap the left earbud once if you want to lessen the volume.

As for the audio quality, the more we maximize the volume, the better the quality is. Compared to the Apollo Air, the Apollo Air+ has a more natural-sounding quality (spoken word), especially when you’re watching a movie. When you watch on Netflix, it automatically stops when you remove both the earbuds and then play again when you put them on your ears. It also works well in crowded and not-so-quiet places. Overall, it has a very impressive noise-canceling for its price.

How much is the Apollo Air and the Apollo Air+?

Apollo Air is priced at Php 1,999, while Apollo Air+ is at Php 2,999. If you’re interested in getting your first Tronsmart Apollo Air and Apollo Air+, you may get yours at Lazada and Shopee.

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