Traveling for Food: The Filipino Foodie Map

Sisig Fiesta 2016

The Filipino Foodie Map

(Manila, Philippines) – Half the reason people travel is for the food – which makes sense because really – who doesn’t love to eat? No matter where you go, chances are you’d want to fill your tummy with something new from the very city you’re visiting. Well, here’s what you should look forward to in terms of food and travel.

Sundot Kulangot by Daniel Go via Flickr
Sundot Kulangot by Daniel Go via Flickr

Baguio Must Trys

When we say Baguio, the automatic foodie though is: strawberries. The jam is just one aspect of what makes Baguio special, however. What really counts for the food enthusiast in you will be the fresh strawberries – completely ripe for picking. Plus, who can forget the infamous sundot-kulangot? Something completely unique to Baguio, sundot-kulangot is a delicacy that belies its icky name.

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CNT Lechon Cebu
CNT Lechon Cebu

Cebu Delicacies

Cebu is famous for one thing – but it’s a whopper. The lechon or roasted pig is what to Filipinos what champagne is to Americans. If it’s a celebration, it deserves a lechon and if there’s no party, the mere presence of lechon makes it one. In Cebu, the best one is rumored to be Zubuchon and you can bet, the way they roast the pig is incomparable to all the other lechon festivals you’ve been too.

Pancit Lucban
Pancit Habhab

Quezon’s Pancit Habhab

Also known as Pancit Lucban, this street food is also popularly known as Pancit Habhab in Quezon Province. If you love garlic sausage then you must try Lucban Longanisa – a red colored sausage made from pork, garlic, black pepper and natural coloring. The historic City of Tayabas is also famous for its Budin – a local term for cassava cake. Rodillas Restaurant, also in Tayabas City is now becoming more famous for its Yema Cake. If you want to try some of the local recipes of Quezon Province, visit Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas and Ugo Bigyan’s Restaurant in Tiaong Quezon and try out their best selling dishes.

Sisig Pampanga
Sisig Pampanga

Pampanga’s Sisig

Apart from Pampanga’s famous Sisig, this province is also one of the famous destinations for foodies. The home of Pork Tocino, Sisig and other Kakanin’s, Pampanga is definitely one of the best foodie destinations near Metro Manila.

Bagnet from Vigan
Bagnet from Vigan

Ilocos Foodies

Ilocos is mostly famous for bagnet, often served as is or used as an ingredient for other food items. Bagnet is essentially deep fried pork meat, but with an Ilocano twist that makes it stand out from the rest. You’ll find bagnet added in almost anything in Ilocos including pizza and like cheese, it makes everything better. You can also check out their pinakbet containing vegetables with naughty names, courtesy of the Ilocano language.

Tuna Kinilaw
Tuna Kinilaw

Davao Dining

Davao is famous for its durian, lansones, rambutan, and various other fruits. You’ll be amazed at how well these Davao locals can turn durian into anything and everything from candy to tart filling. Believe me, you’ll never taste durian quite the same way ever again when in Davao. Other prominent fruits you should definitely check out would be their suha. Sure, other cities in the Philippines grow them too – but the Davao suha is something special with a sweet and very satisfying taste. For cooked items, you’ve got sinugba which is a combination of grilled and kinilaw food. Speaking of kinilaw, Davao is also quite popular with their fresh tuna delicacies, served in almost any restaurant.

Lamayo Dried Fish from Coron
Lamayo Dried Fish from Coron

Palawan’s Finest

Palawan is famous for its long beaches, which is why it isn’t surprising that when it comes to food, seafood is the main fare. Fresh crabs, fish, and shrimps are in abundance in any part of Palawan, whether you’re dining in Puerto Princesa or going all the way to El Nido. Another food you should definitely try here actually takes you all the way to Vietnam: the famous chao long or beef stew. Puerto Princesa has dozens of Vietnamese-run restaurants catering this particular delicacy – and you can bet that there is nothing like this in any other part of the country. If you have a taste for adventure, you can also try eating live mangrove worms that slide smoothly down your throat.

Once you’ve decided what to eat in a particular city, the only decision left is: which restaurant should you eat them in? With that – you’ve got lots of choices. Make good use of the Internet and if you find yourself falling in love with these delicacies, you can always try capturing the same taste at home.

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