Travel Gears : Crumpler’s Small Pleasure Dome

You probably know by know that I am totally addicted to Crumpler bags and accessories. Unlike others, I don’t really think that the most important things to consider when buying travel gears is the color. First, I guess for me I’ll considered the brand first then the travel bag / gears usability. I may not be particular with colors but definitely I don’t like screaming colors with polka dots or other unusual patterns.

Crumpler Camera Bag
Crumpler Camera Bag

I was able to tryout another Crumpler product that is best for traveling with handy digital cameras, extra mobile phones and even pocket wifi’s. Crumpler’s Pleasure Dome is creatively modeled after a Chinese take out noodle box and can fit a range of cameras from a micro 4/3 to a large compact digital…or noodles! This smartly designed bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

There is also a padded grip so you can carry the bag in your hand as well. Last, there is some Velcro fastening webbing so you can attach the bag to your belt or to other bags and equipment. All in all this is a very useful bag especially if you are carrying other bags and gear because it is simple to attach this bag to another huge backpack or even small bag.

Crumpler’s Small Pleasure Dome
Crumpler’s Small Pleasure Dome

Not only is it easy to move the bag around but it is secure when fastened to another bag or your belt, which is very important. I work as a travel and food photographer and I also take photos for leisure, so I look for a bag that will be versatile when I get something for my compact digital point and shoot because my compact digital point and shoots come with me wherever I go (yeah they travel too).


  • Width: 18 cm / 7 inches
  • Height: 17.5 cm / 6.8 inches
  • Depth: 10.5 cm / 4.1 inches
  • Volume: 1.5 L / 91 cu”
  • Empty Weight: 0.21 kg / 0.46 lbs

Crumpler’s Small Pleasure Dome

Crumpler’s Small Pleasure Dome

When I am working, I use a DSLR for primary shooting but I never leave home without my compact digital for point and shoot duties. When shooting with my DSLR, the Pleasure Dome was strapped to my belt. While on my belt, the Pleasure Dome felt unobtrusive and my camera was easily accessible.

This is important when you need to switch back and forth, or even if you just want your camera safe yet accessible to you at all times. I also had the Pleasure Dome strapped to my bag while in transit to shooting locations and I had no problems with the bag coming off or getting in the way.

The Pleasure Dome is also useful for day-to-day use. I use it from going to dinner to going on hikes to keep my compact digital point and shoot protected.

Crumpler Camera Bags are available at the following stores:

Beyond the BoxiGigRustan’s
Crumpler StoresiStudioTechnoholics
Digital HubMacy’s PhotoshopToby’s Arena
Digital WalkeriPower HubUrban Athletics
Focus LabPRG Photoshop
Global Magic WandRoyal Pictures
  1. jacob@waterproof iphone 4 case says

    I too find this very handy. I was looking to buy my friend, who’s a wildlife photographer, a cool stuff. I think my search is over now. Just let me know where can I get this one for him.

    Thanks mate for this wonderful dome.

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