Travel Gadgets: Benefits of having a 4G pocket WiFi

Why you should get a 4G pocket WiFi?

Nowadays, everyone and everything’s on the Internet. If you’re not yet in it, then you’re falling way behind. If you’re already in it, but your Internet speed’s slow, then you’re falling way behind as well. Why settle for an unbearably slow and limited Internet connection, when you have lots of things to do, and so little time to wait for your browser to load?

Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi
Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi

Everything today is fast-paced, and you can never keep up if your Internet speed keeps slowing you down. But with SMART’s 4G high-speed internet technology, you will never have to see your online tasks, assignments, papers, and deadlines, pile on top of one another ever again. In this digital age, you only deserve an Internet speed that can keep up with all the demands of your life.

Work Anywhere with Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi
Work Anywhere with Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi

And do you want to know what’s better than a fast Internet connection? A fast Internet connection that you can take with you anywhere you go, like SMART Bro’s 4G Pocket WiFi. Not convinced? Here are some reasons you should have your own SMART Bro 4G Pocket WiFi.

#1 It’s portable.

You don’t have to uncomfortably sit in your school’s lobby just to connect to a turtle-like Internet speed to submit a paper. You don’t have to connect to the public WiFi everyone in your office connects to at lunchtime. With a 4G pocket WiFi, so that you can access the Internet anywhere, anytime, at your convenience. SMART 4G Pocket WiFi speed can reach up to 12 MBps because of the numerous cell sites.

#2 You can share it to your friends. #ShareWithSmartBro

SMART Bro 4G Pocket WiFi can also connect up to 10 gadgets, so that you can share it to others while you’re hanging out as a group, anywhere, anytime. After that, you shouldn’t wonder anymore why your friends would want to hang out with you every day!

#3 You can use it to maximize your time and productivity

…Or you can connect all of your own gadgets all at once. Open Facebook on your phone, download files with your laptop, and open an eBook on your tablet. Multi-tasking with a 12 MBps Internet speed? Think about all the things you can finish in such a short amount of time. Never do you have to fall behind schedule again.

Smart Bro Pocket WiFi
Smart Bro Pocket WiFi

#4 It comes with freebies.

SMART Bro 4G Pocket WiFi can be yours with the Big Bytes Plan 799. This plan comes with 4.5GB data and FREE 30-day access and 1.1GB data for entertainment apps Fox, Spinnr, and iFlix. Watch a movie or two in your free time, or after you have finished all your tasks thanks to your 4G Internet speed. Watch a movie while everyone else is still cramming for their deadlines. See the difference.

#5 You deserve it

You deserve a fast Internet speed and you know it. No more questions asked.

For more details, promos, and plans to choose from, visit Don’t have time to read? Watch their video here:

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