Travel Advisory : Mayon Volcano ash explosion May 7, 2013

According to reports, An ash explosion of at least 500 meters in height but on precautionary warnings since it was essentially steam-driven occurs Tuesday morning, May 7,2013, in Mayon Volcano in Albay.

Mount Mayon Volcano Ash Explosion
Mount Mayon Volcano Ash Explosion

Earlier, DOT Region 5 confirmed the death of four foreign nationals including a local porter who also served as a tour guide. The DoT office cannot confirm the nationality of the 4 foreign mountaineers because they did not register at the Tourism Provincial Office of Albay before they started the climb.

According to a tour guide who survived in the eruption, those who died were hit by rocks that rained down on them after the ash blast. Bicol TV station reports said about 20 people were climbing Mount Mayon when the eruption occurred.

Mt Mayon’s most violent eruption happened in 1814 and the most recent eruption was in late 2009, when thousands of residents left the vicinity for their safety.

(PNA photo by Legaspi Bureau)

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