Travel Gadgets: Smart now offers iPad 4, iPad mini with LTE plans

Too early at the airport? Are you waiting in line for the next train? Watch videos from Youtube and browse Internet twice faster than the 3rd generation iPads with Smart’s new Ipad + LTE offerings.

Smart iPad Mini with LTE
Smart now Offers iPad 4 and iPad Mini with LTE

Smart Communications – the Philippines’ leading wireless services provider announced yesterday its new postpaid plans for the iPad 4 with retina and iPad mini WiFi + cellular models.

With Smarts new offering, customers has two monthly postpaid options. The first is Plan 499, where you can get the 16GB iPad Mini at zero interest for 24 months. This plan already includes 65 hours of 3G/LTE connection and anti-bill-shock protection for 24 months. Anti Bill Shock Feature: Beyond the 65 hours, default charging is P10/30 minutes until you reach a maximum amount of P999 a month. Upon reaching P999, you will already be able to do unlimited surfing.

Plan 499*

65 Hours 3G / 4G/ Smart LTE
24 Months Lock-In Period

ModelPremium ResellersSMART
Retail PricePayment per month
(6 months installment)
Retail PriceDiscount you get24 mo. amortizationMonthly Service FeePayment per month
for 24 months
iPad Mini16GB21,9903,66520,9901, 000874.584991,373.58
64GB31, 9905,331.6729,9902,0001,249.584991,748.58

The second postpaid package is Plan 999, where you get a P8,000 one time discount on the Apple device plus unlimited 3G/LTE connectivity for 24 months.

Plan 999*

Unlimited 3G / 4G/ Smart LTE
24 Months Lock-In Period

ModelPremium ResellersSMART
Retail PriceRetail PriceDiscount you get
iPad Mini16GB21, 99013, 9908, 000
32GB26, 99018,9908, 000
64GB31, 99023,9908, 000

* Plan 999 subscriptions on a 24-month lock-in period come with unlimited 3G/4G/SmartLTE usage monthly and a charge of P999 a month (until service is terminated) on top of a one-time payment for the device made in cash or using a credit card with option for a 12-mo interest-free installment with participating credit cards.

If you already have an existing Smart postpaid account, you only need to show one valid ID to apply for an iPad postpaid plan. For new iPad LTE subscribers, Smart is giving away freebies:

  • Reversible neoprene sleeve
  • Low-priced theft insurance and accidental loss or damage starting at P1,371 a year
  • Accessories vouchers for discounts of up to 20 percent
  • Tickets for two to Digital Lifestyle Sessions at the Jump Experience Center

If you just want to buy the fourth-gen iPad and iPad mini WiFi + 4G models, these are also available in SMART Center near you with the following prices.

  • iPad mini (16GB): P21,990
  • iPad mini (32GB): P26,990
  • iPad mini (64GB): P31,990
  • iPad with Retina display (16GB): P29,990
  • iPad with Retina display (32GB): P34,990
  • iPad with Retina display (64GB): P39,990

For more information on iPad + LTE plans please visit .

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