Top Amazing Places You Need To Visit Before You Die – Part 2

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We did 11 places for you in Part 1 of this series, but we are far from finished. This is a big planet with many wonderful places, which are simply awesome. It is hard to believe that such places exist unless you have actually seen it. Here are 12 more of the top amazing places you need to visit before you die.

Tunnel of Light, Arizona

Tunnel of Light in Arizona
Tunnel of Light in Arizona

A search for this incredibly awesome system of water tunnels that appear to be of different colors as one goes deeper into it yields no results for “Tunnel of Light.” However, the photos appear to be that of Antelope Canyon, a part of a Navajo Tribal Park located in Page, Arizona. The smooth, undulating surfaces of the rock walls were formed by the passage of water over millions of years.

Italian Dolomites

Italian Dolomites
Italian Dolomites, Italy

If you want majestic, you can’t miss the Dolomites of Italy. This is a range of 18 mountains more than 3,000 meters high, spread over more than 140,000 hectares in the northern Italian Alps. It presents a distinctive sculptural forms and landscape unmatched anywhere in the world for its natural beauty and drama. This World Heritage Site will take your breath away.


Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls

The 1,200 square miles of Yosemite National Park is a study of contrasts. Ecosystems go high (13,000 feet above) and low (3,000 feet below), providing visitors with a vista of deep valleys, ancient giant sequoias, grand meadows, granite cliffs, a vast wilderness area, and the tallest waterfall (Yosemite Falls at 739 meters) in North America. It is a must-visit for nature lovers; it is also a World Heritage Site.

Lost Valley – Vietnam

Lost Valley in Vietnam by
Lost Valley inDrang Vietnam by

If you are a history buff, you will be struck dumb with the beauty of the Lost Valley in Vietnam, which is better known as Drang. It was the site of the first major formal battle between the US and North Vietnam during the Vietnam War and called appropriately enough the Battle of La Drang. It is hard to believe that it was once a battlefield when gazing at the ordered and pristine cultivated fields.


Tuscany Italy
Tuscany Italy

Found in central Italy, this region is widely considered the place where the Renaissance period began and flourished. If you want a crash course on high culture, history, traditions, science, and artistic legacy, this is the place to be. Tuscany is the birthplace of many influencers in art and science and the home of the Pitti Palace and Uffizi museums, as well as 7 World Heritage Sites (the Medici Villas and Gardens, the historic centers of Siena, San Gimignano, and Pienza, the Cathedral of Pisa, and the Val d’Orcia).

Waimea Canyon, Hawaii

Waimea Canyon, Hawaii by Chris.Murphy via Flickr
Waimea Canyon State Park, Hawaii by Chris.Murphy via Flickr

The Waimea Canyon is a spectacular sight when seen from Ni‘ihau Island. It is a deep gorge teeming with plant and animal ecosystems. This is a must-see for nature lovers with a penchant for hiking and trout fishing.

Baobab Trees of Madagascar

Baobab Trees of Madagascar
Baobab Trees of Madagascar – “Avenue of the Baobabs at Sunset” by Gavinevans Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Like giant sentinels in suspended animation, the Baobab trees lining the road between Belon’i Tsiribihina and Morondava in western Madagascar is striking enough to attract millions of tourists. Baobab trees are a long-lived species, and the 25 or so 30-meter high trees left on what is called the Avenue of Baobabs are estimated to be 800 years old.

Lions Rock – Sri Lanka

Lions Rock – Sri Lanka
Lions Rock – Sri Lanka

The Lions Rock, known locally as Sigiriya, is actually a wonderfully preserved ancient abandoned city built on top of a distinctive natural rock formation. It is a World Heritage Site and an example of ancient urban planning.

Bamboo Forest, China

Bamboo Forest in China
Anji Bamboo Forest in China

There are many bamboo forests around the world when the climate and soil is favorable to their growth. They grow rapidly, and have many commercial uses. What makes the Anji Bamboo Forest in China interesting is it contains the widest variety of bamboo in the world. It is also where the movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” was filmed. Parts of it, anyway. It is also interesting that this densely packed forest is minutes away from the town of Anji.

Naica Mine, Mexico

Naica Mine in Mexico
Naica Mine in Chihuahua

Also called the Cave of Crystals, this is found in Chihuahua (the state not the dog) in Mexico. Mine operations are ongoing for silver, zinc, and lead, but its main attraction is the giant selenite (gypsum) crystals found “growing” in hidden caverns, some 4 feet around and 50 feet long.

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

Kaieteur Falls in Guyana by James Deeges
Kaieteur Falls in Guyana by James Deeges

This is the one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world, falling a total distance of 822 feet with an average flow rate of 23,400 cubic feet/second. Found in the Kaieteur National Park in Guyana, it is far more majestic than Niagara Falls of Canada and Victoria Falls of in Africa. It empties into the Essequibo River, one of the largest rivers in South America.

The Wave, Arizona

The Wave in Arizona
The Wave in Arizona

Arizona has scored another hit with The Wave, which is not actually a wave, but a wave-like rock formation made of sandstone on the border of Arizona and Utah. It is a tough hike to get to, but the unique photo ops are well worth it.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha
Leshan Buddha Statue View in Sichuan China by Ariel Steiner Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

And last but not least for this time around, we recommend a visit to the giant carving of Maitreya Buddha found near the city of Leshan in the southern part of Sichuan province in China. It was built during the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD) and the fact that it is 233 feet tall makes it the tallest pre-modern statue in the world that remains largely intact.

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