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Top 15 Best Things To Do in Fairfield, California

What are the top tourist spots in Fairfield CA?

Fairfield CA Bucket List: Best Activities and Amazing Places to Visit in Fairfield, California

Situated midway between San Francisco and Sacramento, Fairfield is a buzzing and unique city with plenty to offer. Most of the year, the weather is perfect for the city’s variety of outdoor activities and tourist attractions. This list features just 15 of the best things one can do in Fairfield.

1. Visit the Jelly Belly Candy Company

Entrance to the Jelly Belly Fairfield factory and visitor's center by Amadscientist via Wikipedia CC
Entrance to the Jelly Belly Fairfield factory and visitor’s center By Amadscientist – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Fairfield is known to be the Jelly Belly Candy Company’s home, so a trip to the city must also definitely include a quick visit to this famous factory.

Tours through the factory are available almost all year round and are free of charge – free candy samples are also given during the tour!

2. Walk along the Bay Area Ridge Trail

Bay Area Ridge Trail Tunnel to Alpine Lake by Joel Henner via Wikipedia CC
Bay Area Ridge Trail Tunnel to Alpine Lake By Joel Henner from Palo Alto, United States – _DSC0006, CC BY 2.0, CC

The entire Bay Area Ridge Trail actually encircles the whole Bay Area of San Francisco. Still, part of it runs through Solano County, making it accessible for Fairfield residents and visitors.

This trail is perfect for outdoorsy folk and novice hikers who simply want a breath of fresh air and a taste of nature. These trails also provide an ideal opportunity for some excellent photos.

3. Tour through the Western Railway Museum

Western Railway Museum by LPS.1 via Wikipedia CC
Western Railway Museum By LPS.1 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

The Western Railway Museum is one of the county’s major historical attractions. This museum features an impressive collection of restored trolleys, trains, and railway exhibits.

You will even have the opportunity to ride functional streetcars and electric trains that have been restored, all while learning about the exciting history of transportation in the region.

4. Spend a day in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom by Jeremy Thompson via Flickr CC
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom by Jeremy Thompson via Flickr CC

Most people who decide to take a trip to Fairfield usually visit Six Flags on top of the list. This world-famous theme park combines marine life, wildlife, and wild rides.

A trip to this park allows visitors to watch wildlife shows, have animal encounters, and ride some of the most thrilling roller coasters in the world – all in one location!

5. Watch a race at Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma Raceway by D Ramey Logan via Wikipedia CC
Sonoma Raceway By Photograph by D Ramey Logan, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Sonoma Raceway is a trendy motorsports complex bustling with activity and excitement for most of the year. This raceway has seen the best motorcycle racers and the greatest NASCAR events, from amateur to professional competitions.

Being in the audience of a quick drag race is an entertaining activity for anyone.

6. Go sightseeing at Grizzly Island

Found in the heart of the Suisun Marsh, over 200 bird species and an assortment of endangered flora and fauna call Grizzly Island home. The Marsh is only really open to the public from February to July, but when you visit: you can explore the grounds, view the scenery, watch the animals or even go fishing.

Since it’s open for a small part of the year, it’s best to plan ahead so you can make sure you catch sight of this scenic spot full of wildlife.

7. Relax at the Wineries

Vezer's Family Vineyard photo via Fb Page
Vezer’s Family Vineyard photo via Fb Page

Fairfield is also a wine country featuring acres of land dedicated to world-class vineyards. Dozens of wineries and wine tasting rooms can be found throughout the city and the Suisun and Green Valley.

Any wine connoisseur or casual sipper is sure to find a new wine to love. Many vineyards will offer guided tours, an excellent opportunity to learn about the region’s unique farming methods.

8. Check out the American Armory Museum

American Armory Museum photo via FB Page
American Armory Museum photo via FB Page

If history is your thing, a trip to this museum would be a perfect addition to your itinerary. From their collection of military vehicles to war memorabilia from decades ago, the American Armory Museum brings military history to life.

Relics from Korea and Vietnam and even the Second World War are on display, providing visitors with a highly educational experience.

9. Grab a Bite to Eat

After having an adventure in any of Fairfield’s impressive outdoor trails, you’re bound to work up an appetite! There’s no need to worry about what you’ll eat next in Fairfield.

The city offers a diverse collection of restaurants featuring cuisine from across the country and the globe so that everybody has something.

10. Spend some time at Scandia Family Center

Scandia Family Center photo via Fb Page
Scandia Family Center photo via Fb Page

Fairfield is very family-friendly. Should you have little kids coming along for the trip, a visit to the Scandia Family Center is necessary.

Although most activities are targeted towards children, many of the attractions will permit teens and parents to tag along and have a great time.

11. Explore the Rockville Hills Regional Park

Rockville Hills Regional Park by Eugene Kim via Flickr CC
Rockville Hills Regional Park by Eugene Kim via Flickr CC

The great outdoors is always within reach in Fairfield. Rockville is a little closer to the city center than other large parks.

It features 10 miles of walkable trails that allow any passerby to truly appreciate the array of natural scenes and environments that are simply picturesque. Make sure to snap some pictures when visiting!

12. Go Shop at the Fairfield Farmers Market

Fairfield Farmers Market photo via Fb page
Fairfield Farmers Market photo via Fb page

This weekly market in downtown Fairfield allows the locals to sell and showcase local produce and handmade crafts by artisans and craftspeople.

After sampling the goods, visitors can catch a break, relax, and have picnics in the surrounding green areas.

13. Take a tour at the Travis Air Force Base Museum

Travis Air Museum by Nick DeCicco via Wikipedia CC
Travis Air Museum By Nick DeCicco –, Public Domain, CC

For those interested in US military history and aviation history, make sure to stop by the Travis Air Force Base Museum.

Located right beside the actual Air Force Base, which is known to be the country’s largest military installation, the museum is full of interesting artifacts and extensive exhibits that are sure to pique anybody’s interest.

14. Visit the Suisun Wildlife Center

Suisun Wildlife Center photo via Fb page
Suisun Wildlife Center photo via Fb page

This Wildlife Center, dedicated to rescuing native wildlife and preserving the nearby Suisun Marsh, also serves as an animal hospital and rehab center. Unlike zoos, Suisun is a non-profit and is run by volunteers.

As a visitor, you can come and say hello to some resident animals that we’re unable to be released back into the wild and at the same time support their organization.

15. Tour through the Budweiser Brewery

Budweiser Brewery Fairfield CA by Kris Fricke via Flickr CC
Budweiser Brewery Fairfield CA by Kris Fricke via Flickr CC

Known as a trendy beer in North America, the Budweiser brewery in Fairfield provides tourists with an interactive, behind-the-scenes experience of the process involved in making this iconic beverage.

A quick tour is sure to answer any questions about brewing, bottling, and the brand’s history, and the region.

Fairfield is a city that must be visited should you find yourself in Northern California. It offers excellent opportunities to be in touch with nature again while providing you with the most unique, panoramic landscape views.

It also provides you with a chance to learn some of the most exciting aspects of American history. But at the end of the day, the essence of what Fairfield has to offer are enjoyable adventures.

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