The Real Rustic Wedding: Where to Wed in the Midwest

Wedding in Iowa

Real Rustic Wedding in Iowa

Rural-chic is the go-to wedding style of the moment, but no matter how many different ways you incorporate Mason jars into your reception, you won’t get the real rustic wedding feel in a city hotel ballroom. Instead, for a variety of intimate and authentic venues, you should look to the Iowan countryside, where beautiful barns and stunning scenery abound. Any of the following venues offer the perfect atmosphere for bucolic nuptials, no matter where you and your party live.

A Beautiful Bride And Handsome Groom At Christian Church During Wedding .
A Beautiful Bride And Handsome Groom At Christian Church During Wedding – Real Rustic Wedding

Dubuque County Fairgrounds

County fairs are important in Iowa, and the fairgrounds devoted to Dubuque’s annual festivities are appropriately huge. The grounds have been in operation for over half a century, and the organization’s commitment to tradition has encouraged plenty of couples to tie the knot in this important space. The grounds offer a Grand Ballroom, but for a true Midwest feeling, you should definitely rent the Outdoor Festival Garden, which is as stunning as it is spacious.

Prairie Moon Winery and Vineyards

In addition to being one of the best wineries in Iowa, Prairie Moon is a beautiful site to celebrate marriage. Indoor facilities are appropriately quaint, reflecting a rustic culture deeply embedded in the Iowan countryside, and the outdoor spaces amongst the curling grapevines are simply divine. This winery can host a party up to 500 people, but you should make sure your friends and relatives use Expedia to find comfortable accommodations in nearby towns, like Iowa Falls.

Sutliff Cider Company

A stunning, fragrant orchard makes for an amazing wedding backdrop? and the immediate availability of fresh apple cider is a major bonus. Sutliff Cider Company is proudly family-run, and its 120-year-old barn offers the perfect antique ambiance a rustic wedding needs. Coupled with a renovated patio, the barn can comfortably hold up to 150 guests, so you can have an intimate wedding in a beautiful space.

Wedding in Iowa
Wedding in Iowa

Heritage 1865

This hunting lodge is isolated in the Iowan outback, which means your ceremony and reception won’t be interrupted by unpleasant city sounds or smells. Because the lodge depends on the wilderness, the surrounding landscapes are utterly pristine, and the weathered wood and stone buildings are gorgeous additions. In fact, little decoration is needed to make this inherently enchanting space wedding-ready.

Usher’s Ferry Historic Village

Many people feel drawn to rustic weddings because the style speaks to the timelessness of love. At no place is this more apparent than at Usher’s Ferry, a small town of restored historical buildings that very much remains reminiscent of Iowa’s charming past. Up to 300 guests can enjoy learning about Iowa’s rustic roots, and you can take advantage of true historic structures to house your nuptial celebrations.

Wilson’s Orchard

Though now almost entirely cities and farmland, Iowa was once covered with old forest. Wilson’s Orchard strikes a happy balance between the old and new, with a sweet-smelling apple orchard surrounded by picturesque old oak trees. The outdoors are so appealing here that the venue only offers wedding sites under the sky and trees ? which is usually perfect for a bride looking for rustic allure. Your guests can explore the grounds, sampling more than 120 different varieties of apples, while you celebrate your big day.

Wedding Iowa
Real Rustic Wedding in Iowa

The Barn of Your Dreams

Perhaps more than anything else, Iowa is proud of its barns. Every farmer in the state has left his or her legacy with an iconic structure for storing grain and livestock, and Iowa organizes annual tours of the various barns to showcase the plethora of iconic styles. A barn is the most ideal setting for a rustic wedding, and in Iowa, you have hundreds to choose from. Here are some of the top picks:

  • Silver Sioux Barn. A turn-of-the-century dairy barn that can hold up to 200 people.
  • Stonehaven Barn. A hay barn built in the 1920s, this space has seating for up to 120 guests.
  • Secrest 1883 Octagonal Barn. A rare shape that makes events feel special, the octagon intimately holds dozens of attendees.
  • Bessie’s Barn. A barn out of a storybook, this space accommodates a large party of up to 500 people.
  • Debbie’s Celebration Barn. Spacious and customizable, this barn is room for up to 300 guests.
  • Keller Brick Barn. Constructed of bricks rather than traditional wood, this barn is a unique place to entertain up to 175 attendees.

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