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Travel Gears: SwitchEasy TONES iPhone 5 Case Review

If you’re a traveler who goes on the road even half as often as me, you want to protect your gear and gadgets. Using a case is pretty standard these days, as you can never be too careful with that hot iPhone 5. Why not protect it with a bit of extra plastic and rubber? There are a wide variety of options, from the super cheap plastic cases that really only act as embellishment, to very pricey cases that are completely waterproof, shockproof, and freeze proof.

SwitchEasy TONES for iPhone 5
SwitchEasy TONES for iPhone 5

For my taste, I like to have access to the screen of the phone, so the super cases aren’t for me. The SwitchEasy TONES iPhone 5 cases are perfectly in the middle. They are lightweight, made of super hard polycarbonate, with a bit of rubber – but not to much.

SwitchEasy TONES Case for iPhone 5
SwitchEasy TONES Case for iPhone 5

There’s a lip around the screen which protects the glass in case it falls face down. It’s just protective enough, with all the details taken care of, but it’s very reasonably priced. The complete package even includes protective plugs for the headphone jack and Lightning jack. And you can easily access all the buttons and jacks, which is something that can be problematic on cases that have skimped on design.

TONES Case for iPhone 5s
TONES Case for iPhone 5s

Although it’s called SwitchEasy, the fact is that this is not a case you are going to be taking off and on regularly. This is the only downside to the TONES iPhone 5 cases. But the fact is, you’re probably not going to be removing it regularly anyway.

For my taste, this is a great option for travelers who want to be able to drop their phone in their bag without stressing about scratches or damage. You can quickly take it out for photos, but if you move too quickly and it ends up sliding across the pavement, your phone will be just fine.

Tones iPhone case is available in Digits and Digital Hub. Follow them on twitter for updates and promotions

Written by Melo Villareal

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