Review: Noyce 4m Lightning to USB Cable

Noyce 4m Cable for iPhone and iPad

Travel Gadget Reviews: Noyce 4m Lightning to USB Cable Review

If you would like to have freedom to move around while still charging your Apple device, then you need to obtain Noyce 13 feet (4 meters) Extra Long Premium Apple Lightning to USB Charger cable for iPhone and other Apple devices.

Noyce 4m Lightning to USB Cable
Noyce 4m Lightning to USB Cable

What exactly is wonderful with this cable, dubbed “the longest lightning cable available on the market,” is that it allows users to reach electrical sockets that are much farther away. It is also an incredible companion on your trips.

Here’s what we know about this cable:

It has a genuine leather tie

Its 100 percent authentic Brazilian leather tie lets its owners to effortlessly adjust the size of the cable for three numerous lengths. It is worth noting that this leather tie is handmade.

Noyce 4m Lightning Cable
Noyce 4m Lightning Cable

It boasts superior quality

The manufacturer says that with this product, it doesn’t save on materials like other companies do. Thus, you can make sure that the cable is long lasting.

The company shares that it has meticulously picked the highest quality materials in order to assure that its product is rigid and sturdy. To guarantee fast charging, the product comes with thick oxygen free copper wires. The cable also employs double shielding for loseless data sync. Specifically, the cable consists of these parts: outer jacket, foil shield, insulation, braided shield, and copper wires.

Can endure a lot of pressure

The manufacturer is confident that it can withstand much more pressure as compared with most of the cables currently available. It says that the cable went through 5,000 times bend testing and it observed no functional and visual defects. On top of that, every cable is tested after assembly. This is to be sure that its data sync and charging features work effectively.

Noyce 4m Cable for iPhone and iPad
Noyce 4m Cable for iPhone and iPad

You will not experience any error messages

Noyce assures that there won’t be any error messages when you plug your cable to your device. With other cheap cables available on the market, you can have an error message saying the cable is not supported.


When it comes to its compatibility, this cable works with all iPhones and iPods that feature lightning connectors, including iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5. iPod Touch (5th generation). It’s also suitable for iPod nano (7th generation). Moreover, this is said to fit most cases. Compatibility with iPads, though, is not guaranteed.

Noyce 4m Cable
Noyce 4m Cable

Should you buy one?

All in all, the product seems beneficial to several consumers, especially those who want extra freedom and movement as well as comfort while charging their device.

It is also good that it comes with a genuine leather tie that helps you make an adjustment should you need a smaller length. Your will expect that the product will last for a long time.

With all these nifty characteristics, there is no doubt that this 4m lightning to USB cable, which is priced at $19.90, is a fantastic item to purchase. Noyce 4m Lightning to USB Cable is available online at

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