Visit Prague: Experience the City Like a Local

Visit Prague

Visit Prague and Experience the City Like a Local

Prague is one of the most historic and iconic cities in the world, with millions of tourists exploring the capital’s streets every year. The city is made up of four districts, however, the Old Town and the New Town are where you’ll find most of the action. The Old Town is over 700 years old, consisting of huge cathedrals, monuments, churches and spectacular architecture. The New Town isn’t as new as you think, and after being formally opened in 1348 by Charles IV, it now offers a seamless mix of modern city life intertwined with a historic design. Let’s take a look at how to experience these two wonderful districts like a local this year.

The Gothic Powder Tower
The Gothic Powder Tower (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

The New Town 

If it is your first time in Prague, then the New Town should be your first choice when it comes to accommodation. As soon as you walk out onto the main street, you’re surrounded by luxury shops, great places to eat and an atmosphere worthy of any major European city. And if you’re looking for a bit of history too, then there are churches, cathedrals, and monuments hiding around every corner, you really won’t have to look far at all!

The New Town also covers a huge area of Prague, and you could easily find yourself walking into the Old Town. One of the best things to do is to take a tram around the different districts and see the city for yourself. Castle District is where the iconic Prague Castle can be found, and the view of the city from the top of the hill is unforgettable.

Visit Prague
Visit Prague

The Old Town

Experiencing Prague like a local isn’t difficult at all, especially if you’re staying in the Old Town. The Old Town is one of the most historic and amazing parts of Prague; many people come to the Czech Republic just to explore it. Book your flights to Prague at Cheapflights, then try to book accommodation in the vast selection of Baroque and Gothic buildings: make sure your room is looking out on to the Old Square – it’s a view you’ll never get bored of.

Astronomical Clock in Prague
Astronomical Clock in Prague

Prague’s Old Town is one of Europe’s hottest architectural hubs, and it began life as the city’s main market square. Markets can be found all over the Old Town to this very day, and to fully appreciate the area in all its glory, sometimes you just have to get lost and see where the cobbled paths take you. From the Astronomical Clock to St. Nicholas Church, there are many iconic structures to be found in the Old Town, and quite a few don’t charge for a tour either.

Do What The Locals Do

It’s best to follow the lead of the locals in Prague if you want to get the most out of the city. For example, if you’re looking for somewhere to try traditional Czech cuisine, don’t eat where the tourists are eating, as these places will only offer your typical western dishes.

Take walk around both towns, and check out the various bars that serve local ales too.

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