Top 10 Best Things to Do in Prague, Czech Republic

What are the Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Prague?

Best Things to Do in Prague, Czech Republic

Bucket List: Amazing Places to Visit in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is arguably among the most popular cities to visit in Eastern Europe. This is because of the Czech capital’s gorgeous architecture and resilient past. Now, it is becoming a bustling center of trade and culture. Are you going to Prague soon? These are ten of the best things to do in Prague that you should not miss:

Roam around the Old Town Square

Prague Old Town Square - Top 10 Best Things to Do in Prague
Prague Old Town Square

Any tour around Prague should start in Old Town Square. This area is popular among travelers because it feels like an actual town square from the 1800s, except populated by people in modern clothes. In fact, the square has barely been touched since it was established close to nine centuries ago.

One of the most amazing things about Old Town Square is its rich history. The square stood the test of time even as the Czech nation experienced many invasions.

In the square, you will see that it is surrounded by magnificently preserved architecture. A 1915 monument dedicated to religious reformer Jan Hus stands tall in one corner.

Restaurants that offer the best Czech dining options are also found here.

Explore the Lennon Wall

Lennon Wall in Prague
Lennon Wall in Prague – Top 10 Best Things to Do in Prague

Prague is probably the last city that you would associate with the famed Beatles member. After all, Prague is nowhere near the known Liverpool native.

The wall contains graffiti, paintings, murals, and lyrics by John Lennon. It is considered by many as a symbol of love and peace, two things that Lennon advocated for.

But more than its connection to John Lennon, the wall also is an important piece of history. During the communist regime in the 1980s, the wall was a particular source of annoyance by officials because it was also where many students wrote and aired their grievances against the government.

Drop by the Jewish Ghetto

Josefov Prague
Josefov Prague

Also called Josefov, this particular quarter in the city is known for housing a major Jewish population for a time. There was a period when the Jews were not allowed to live anywhere else, so the refugees and exiles from other European countries had to only settle here.

It can be seen just between the Vltava River and the Old Town. Currently, six synagogues and a few buildings can still be seen here.

Go to the Golden Lane

Golden Lane in Prague
Golden Lane in Prague By Maros M r a z (Maros) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Just a few minutes from the castle, the Golden Lane is a must-visit by tourists. It has a legendary status as it is said that alchemists frequented this area.

However, it is not sure if alchemists lived in this district. For a time, Czech-Jewish writer Franz Kafka also lived here.

Watch a show at the National Theatre

National Theatre in Prague
National Theatre in Prague

If you are a fan of opera, ballet, and theater shows, the National Theatre is definitely the best place to watch those in Prague.

While prices vary greatly, it is mainly known for its expensive theater experience, at least for European prices.

However, the price will be worth it as the performances are top-notch. The building that it is housed in is also an amazing piece of architecture.

Cross the Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge in Prague
Charles Bridge in Prague

The Charles Bridge has been standing in Prague since 1390. Commissioned by Charles IV, it is considered by many tourists as among the best experiences they have in the city.

You can look out into the river and view the classic buildings that dot the riverbanks.

Eat Pork Knuckle

Koleno aka Pork Knucke in Prague
Koleno, aka Pork Knuckle in Prague

Do you love meat? You will surely like pork knuckle. Locally known as Koleno, it is made up of pork knee and is a popular dish across Eastern Europe.

What makes eating this pork knee a unique experience is a fact that it is marinated in beer.

It is usually eaten with dark Czech bread and pickled vegetables. Just the aroma of the food alone already makes it a must-try for any tourist.

Visit the St. Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral Prague
St Vitus Cathedral Prague
St St Vitus Cathedral in Prague
St Vitus Cathedral in Prague

While this is no longer the St. Vitus Cathedral built in 925, the third church built on the site is still a worthy spot to visit. It is designed with a neo-Gothic style that is adorned with baroque and Renaissance details.

Inside the cathedral grounds, you can find the tomb of St. John of Nepomuk. This particular tomb is also beautiful because of the stained-glass windows done by painter Alfons Mucha. The silverwork is also another highlight of this tomb.

Since it is one of the most popular tourist spots in the whole city, there are long lines going into the cathedral. Anyone who wants to visit should arrive there early. To enjoy various tourist destinations in Prague, check out the cool hotels in Prague located near the Old Town.

Spot a hanging Sigmund Freud

Hanging Sigmund Freud in Prauge
Hanging Sigmund Freud in Prague

One of the quirkiest things that can be found in Prague is the hanging Sigmund Freud sculpture.

Found in the Stare Mesto urban area in the Old Town, it is a tribute to the profound influence of the renowned psychoanalyst. The sculpture is shown hanging from a metal beam above a busy cobbled street.

The idea of a hanging Sigmund Freud has become so popular, in fact, that exhibits just like this have been done in cities like Berlin, Chicago, and London.

Watch the Astronomical Clock strike an hour

Astronomical Clock Prague
Astronomical Clock Prague
Astronomical Clock in Prague
Astronomical Clock in Prague

One of the most stunning things that can be found in Prague is the Astronomical Clock. Located near Old Town Square, anyone visiting Prague should definitely watch this clock strike the hour.

Each time the mechanical clock turns the hour, onlookers see a spectacle like they have never seen before. People from Prague take pride in this Astronomical Clock as it has become a sign of the city’s enduring spirit.

While it was damaged and repaired at one point in its lifetime, it is still considered among the world’s best-preserved medieval mechanical clocks. It is found on the southern wall of Old Town Hall.

Best Things to Do in Prague
Best Things to Do in Prague

Library of the Strahov Monastery

Library of the Strahov Monastery
Library of the Strahov Monastery By Y.Shishido –, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

The library of the Premonstratensian monastery at Strahov is one of the most valuable and best-preserved historical libraries – its collection consists of approximately 200,000 volumes. The oldest part of the library, the Baroque Theological Hall, was established between 1671 and 1674; the main Classicist vaults of the Philosophical Hall date from 1794 and are two storeys tall. Both halls are dominated by ceiling frescoes by Siard Nosecký and Anton Maulbertsch.

If you are looking for a city that is just as stylish as London and Paris but does not have as many tourists, Prague should definitely be among those you should consider.

Not only is Prague rich in history, but it also has a great art scene and natural scenery.

Getting Around Prague

The Metro and Trams are the best modes of Transport in the city center. Buses and Trains are also available, but they are used mainly for transporting passengers from the City to the outskirts. The Prague Metro is the fastest and most convenient way of transportation within the city.

Prague Travel and Tour Packages

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