The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s 2019 Giving Journal

It’s that time of the year again! And you know what that mean! Collecting stickers.

How to get a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2019 Planner
How to get a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2019 Planner

With all the Christmas songs playing in each corner, also comes various business coming up with gimmicks on how to increase more sales this Holiday.

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As for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – more than the profit – they stay true in committing social responsibility and inspiring individuals through their CBTL 2019 Giving Journal.

If you’re a huge fan of journals, then this year’s CBTL journal’s design will struck you with its impressive illustrations and unique finish.i


This year, they released two cork covers and two hardbound covers which is by far, one of the classiest designs they did. We got the hardbound teal with matte finish with foil stamping which has a more minimal elements compare to last year’s artsy design. There are four local artist who designed and was featured in the journal; Jake Sans Relano, Denise Celones, Resa Embutin, Jun Almarines, Wilbert Wee, and Ram Chua.

Inside CBTL 2019 Planner
Inside CBTL 2019 Planner
Artwork by Jun Almarines
Artwork by Jun Almarines

Compare from last year’s journal with green, black and navy-blue neutral colors, the coffee brand focused on matte and teal finish with lesser elements for their 2019 journal.


The journal features various corners from financial, relational, wellness, goals, and includes monthly reflections and goal-setting pages at the start and end of each month. It also has a back pocket which includes a sticker and more spaces where you can add maybe some sticky notes, receipts, and pen.

Artwork by Jun Almarines
Artwork by Jun Almarines
CBTL 2019 Giving Journal
CBTL 2019 Giving Journal
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2019 Giving Journal
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2019 Giving Journal

Here’s how you can claim your 2019 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal. Read the following below:

  1. Collecting of stamps starts on October 27, 2018.
  2. Complete your stamp card with 12 stamps for purchase of the following items:

(1) Original Ice Blended ® (any flavor, regular or large size)

(1) Tea Latte (any flavor, regular or large size)

(1) Coffee-based beverage (any flavor, regular or large size)

(1) Holiday featured beverage (any flavor, regular or large size)

(8) The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® beverages* (regular or large size)

*Coffee or tea-based beverages, Original Ice Blended ®, Hot Chocolate/Vanilla, Cold Brew, Nitro Brew

Stamps may also be collected by purchasing the items below:

(1) Ready Coffee Box (any flavor) = 1 stamp

(1) CBTL™ Capsule Box (any flavor) = 2 stamps

(1) CBTL™ Single Serve Beverage System (any model) = 12 stamps

The 2019 Giving Journal may also be purchased for Php 1,999.

  1. A minimum single-receipt purchase of any REG or LRG sized coffee or tea-based beverage, Original Ice Blended ®, Cold Brew, Nitro Brew, Hot Chocolate/Hot Vanilla, Ready Coffee box, CBTL™ capsules, qualifies a customer to automatically get a stamp card.
  2. Once all 12 circles are stamped and completed, customers will be able to claim their 2019 Giving Journal at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store.
  3. The completed stamp card should be presented and surrendered to the store where the Giving Journal will be claimed. The cashier will punch the stamp card to prevent reuse.
  4. All customers of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® can avail and join the promo.
  5. Combining of stamp cards is not allowed.
  6. Stamps cannot be redeemed in conjunction with another promo.

Check more information about the 2019 Giving Journals by visiting The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s pages: ,,, and

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