Pearly Shells and Rosé Wine, courtesy of Via Mare with The Straits Wine Company

Wines and Oysters

Via Mare AIX Rosé Summer Tour 2016

Wine and oysters are not a traditional pairing, because the acidity of most wines tend to overwhelm the delicate texture and subtle flavors of any oyster dish. However, there is always an exception to the rule.

AIX Rose Summer Tour
AIX Rose Summer Tour

The al fresco dining at Via Mare’s Oyster Bar in Greenbelt 3 whisked a fresh breeze to the taste buds of the fortunate that attended the intimate gathering during the recent oyster and wine buffet of the AIX Rosé Summer Tour. Sophisticated Filipino palates reveled in the gastronomical experience resulting from the partnership between Via Mare and The Straits Wine Company, the premier distributor and importer of fine wines in Southeast Asia. The event unfolded at the height of one of the most humid summer seasons in some time, perfect for the buffet, which featured Via Mare’s famous oyster dishes and the renowned Provence Rosé.

The Rosé

AIX Rosé is a wine company that produces only the Provence Rosé, a light Provençal blend of Cinsault, Syrah, and Grenache grapes. The wine has a creamy finish, layered with citrus, spices, berries, and apple undertones. It is vibrant and summery, suggesting cool evenings and sunny days. It is a sparkling, subtly sweet, light wine with just the right amount of acidity, a perfect match for most seafood. Sake Weima, AIX Ambassador, says, “We created Rosé to be a very versatile food companion. Partnered with seafood, the contrasting flavours bring out a unique taste that stays true to its lightness and fruity finish.”

Oyster Bar at Via Mare
Oyster Bar at Via Mare

The food

Oysters have a peculiar texture and taste that makes it the star of the show in any dish. Via Mare is noted for its delicious preparations of fresh oysters flown daily from the Philippine seafood capital Roxas in Aklan. Among the bestsellers was the Oysters Napolitaine, which is a concoction of cheese gratinee, tomatoes, black, olives, anchovies, and capers. You can also choose the more familiar Oysters Rockefeller, which has three cheeses, spinach, and bacon, or Oysters Parmesan, with its butter, Parmesan cheese, and garlic mix. A delectable cheese-oyster creation is the Oysters Boursin, but if you want a little crunch, you can go for the Oysters Beignet, where the soft, yummy oyster is embedded in a deep-fried crusty bread. Of course, purists can also enjoy oysters in the raw, served on the half-shell in a bed of salt and accompanied by slices of lemon.

AIX Rose Summer Tour 2016
AIX Rose Summer Tour 2016


Ramon Rono, general manager of Via Mare says, “The oysters’ overall texture and saltiness, even when baked and infused with herbs and cheese, work best with the lightness of the sweet, fruit-flavored wine. This is the kind of food pairing that we want to bring to Filipinos—a very unique one but something that’s very close to home.”

Indeed, the Provence Rosé elevated the already delectable oyster dishes to new heights. The mildly sparkling vibrant pink sweet wine brought out notes in the oyster dishes that would have drowned with any other wine. The pairing brought harmony to the explosion of flavors, making it a festival of the senses.

Via Mare AIX Rosé Summer Tour 2016 Wines and Oysters
Wines and Oysters – Via Mare AIX Rosé Summer Tour 2016

There is no fixed rule when it comes to enjoying food-wine pairing. However, to enjoy the oyster and Rosé pairing experience best, let the oyster slide into the mouth and chew slowly to savor the taste. Swallow and immediately follow with a sip of the Rosé to clean the tongue and experience the burst of flavors.

This Via Mare AIX Rosé Summer Tour 2016 event was exceptionally good. Fortunately, it is just one of the wine pairing festivals planned by The Straits Wine Company.

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