Department of Tourism announces the New Philippine Hotel Rating System

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) has a new set of accreditation guidelines and standards for hotels, resorts, and apartment hotels called the Five Star Grading System. The new Philippine Hotel Rating System is part of the newly issued National Accommodations Standards.

New Philippine Hotel Rating System
The Henry Hotel in Cebu

New Philippine Hotel Rating System

Maria Rica Bueno, director of the DOT Office of Tourism Standards and Regulation, said that the old standards that was published in 1992 was revised to be on a par with the neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

The new set of accreditation is in accordance with Tourism Act of 2009 or Republic Act 9593. This new scheme for hotel ratings will be based on number of points earned by each hotel after the audit. Compared to the old DOT standards which classifies hotels by de luxe, first class, standard and economy, the new hotel rating system classifies hotels by stars.

Each hotel can get a maximum of 5 stars, or a maximum of 1000 equivalent points.

1 star hotel = 251 to 400 points
2 star hotel = 401 to 550 points
3 star hotel = 551 to 700 points
4 star hotel = 701 to 850 points
5 star hotel = 851 to 1,000 points

In the new Philippine Hotel Rating System, the auditors will not just focus on the availability of certain facilities but also its inventory, availability, condition, quality, usability and overall service. Hotels get star points depending also on the criteria indicators like the location of hotel, resort and apartment hotel. In order to get higher points, one of the requirements includes hot and cold showers in bathrooms that could start heating up in 20 seconds.

Hotels that don’t conform to the new Philippine Hotel Rating System standards “will be given time to comply depending on the magnitude of the deficiency.” according to the Philippine Department of Tourism.  Also with the new accreditation, a Mayors Business Permit will not be issued if the audited score is less than 251 points after the grace period given to correct the deficiency.

With the new Philippine Hotel Rating System, Green Hotels or its environment-friendly practices has a huge chance of earning more star points.
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