Negros Crafts, Delicacies Take the Spotlight in Negros Trade Fair 2022

The Negros Trade Fair returns in September 2022

The 36th Negros Trade Fair

Negros Trade Fair is Back with its World-Class Local Products this 2022!

The longest-running provincial trade fair returns this 2022!

Negros Trade Fair, now in its 36th year, is back after two years to showcase their province’s local products once again. This year’s theme, “Hidlaw,” is a Hiligaynon term that means yearning or longing. From September 20 to 25, catch their amazing local crafts and a variety of products at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City. The Association of Negros Producers (ANP) and the provincial government of Negros Occidental organized the fair.

2022 Negros Trade Fair
2022 Negros Trade Fair

According to ANP Vice President for Advocacy Mary Ann Colmenares, the theme was aptly named so because of their longing for the trade fair to return, which was stopped for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that it’s back, the fair aims to show the resilience of Negros spirit and how it can bounce back from the hiatus brought about by the pandemic.

The Negros Trade Fair 2022 Media Tour
The Negros Trade Fair 2022 Media Tour

Arlene Infante, ANP President, also shares that she is excited about the comeback of the Negros Trade Fair. The pandemic almost dismantled ANP, the showroom, and we lost most of our staff and members, but this comeback only validates our resiliency and indomitable spirit. Our faith and belief that with collective effort, we can showcase Negrense products again no matter how impossible the task at hand.

In the past years, the trade fair preparation took about 8-10 months, but this year’s installment only took two months to prepare; this only shows our eagerness to come back and show everyone why we are the longest-running trade fair in the country.

Breakfast at Lanai by Fresh Start Organics
Breakfast at Lanai by Fresh Start Organics

Part of their efforts to amplify Negros Trade Fair 2022 was to invite several travel writers and content creators to explore Bacolod and nearby cities in Negros Occidental. The attendees were made to sample Negros delicacies, meet the artisans and see them produce their crafts up close and personal, and hear from Negros locals’ business ideas and success stories at The Hub.

Humble beginnings

The Negros Trade Fair was created in 1985 by Negrenses based in Metro Manila. The idea to create the trade fair was sparked by the news of sugar farm workers on Negros Island. Its first trade fair was held at the Makati Carpark, where Negros goods were then brought to Manila for free. The trade fair then had the vision to organize a formal association; thus, the ANP was born. Now, the ANP has producer exhibitors composed of people from industries such as food, gifts, homeware items, fashion, natural and organic products, tourism, and furniture.

Notable Negros Trade Fairs

The last Negros Trade Fair physical event happened in 2019, highlighting Negrense culture, craft, heritage, and art. In 2011, the fair added a new line of products, namely Natural and Organic, which features sustainable Negros products. And in 2010, the trade fair held its silver anniversary, where they also launched their coffee table book Silver Tiangge, featuring Negros Island’s rich food and culture.

The Negros Trade Fair in Makati City
The Negros Trade Fair in Makati City

What to Expect?

This year’s Negros Trade Fair is special as it features new countryside community-based artisans. Also, local government units in Negros Occidental will be there to promote tourism in their province through several tour products. To make the Negros Trade Fair 2022 livelier and merrier, festival performers and the San Carlos City Orchestra is set to entertain the guests during the six-day event.

The 36th Negros Trade Fair
The 36th Negros Trade Fair

Negros Trade Fair is known for featuring the best products and services offered by the Province of Negros, highlighting the culture, lifestyle, land, history, and stories behind many of its traditions. The fair is a venue for small to medium-scale businesses to showcase a selection of products created with skilled craftsmanship and a taste of renowned Negrense cuisine.

Over 60 sellers from various sectors, such as natural and organic food, garments, fashion accessories, furniture, décor, houseware, agriculture, and tourism, represent the industries that provide for and sustain the people of Negros. Guests will also have the opportunity to visit Negros through the participation of several Local Government Units (LGU).

The 57 producer exhibitors from the Association of Negros Producers (ANP) are divided into the following:

  • Food
  • Gifts and Housewares
  • Fashion
  • Natural and Organic
  • Furniture and Furnishing
  • Tourism

List of 2022 Negros Trade Fair Exhibitors

FOODBooth NumberContact NumberContact PersonProducts Category
Margies Cakes and Patries39034 7089196Rowena ArnaizPasalubong foods (hopia, biscotcho, etc.
El Ideal Bakery41-44034 4334199Cecilia Ploteña
U Gourmet Club/ Inasalan sa Dalan41-44
Shiena’s Homemade Products369293349801ShienaPeanuts
Virgies’s Homemade Products21 and 240917-301-6044Virgie ChuaBaked goods, napoleones, mango tarts
Claras Food Products40433-4199Cecilia PlatenaBaked goods, napoleones, mango tarts
Pueblo Quan9185514638Janine
Felicia’s Inc.26 and 270917-310-0508Carla LacsonBakes goods (ensaymada, cheese rolls, almonds chips, decadent cakes)
Casa Carmela250917-310-0508Carla LacsonBottled food (Palitaw, aligue,
Christdel’s Garden09486532156/4350013Teresa Parcon
Fresh Start Organic, Inc.9668660528Pat Bilbao
T-Flavors / Homs Food Products9499912832Junine
ELG Gourmet Foods4354460/4411295Delsa
Ereneta – Manaloto Chorizo de Bacolod2002 687 1295Raquel
Fog City
Grem’s Delicacies Store149173129973RreginaProcessed food, frozen food
Casa del Formaggio
Fresh Start Organic, Inc.19 and 229664651903Gladys
Alter Trade Philippines, Inc.330933-814-3471Beth MondejarMuscovado sugar, native foods, fresh juices
Tribal Miracle Oil2009424576977/ 035 4209380SalvePure himag oil (soap, skin care oils, massage oil)
Plantsville Health10
Christdel’s Garden9615315017Delsa AbasProcessed food, Plants
NVC Foundation38 and 400917-309-0939Ria / Dynnemosaic made from tiles, jewelry, processed food
Vallehermoso Helping Hands
Artisana Island Crafts34 and 36435-3843Mary Annceramics. pandan crafts
Yssa’s Handicrafts Manufacturing192134947/09391189738Precyrecycled medicine/wine bootles (chimes, serving tray, plant holder)
Handmade by Princy/Donata by Kate Singson29Kitkat Lobaton
Creative Definitions26 and 289998812059Michael ClaparolsShawls, hand-woven shirts, pants, sneakers
Chievs Stones and Crystals234320406Eva Pauline Si-Coruña
Bevs Handicrafts79278219529Bevs Fernanbags, wallets, and folders made from pandan leaves
Vivo Handicrafts22 and 24461-7465 / 0945316632Vida HayesLadies’ garments, Decor, Bags, Crafts, Ornaments
Vicmik Enterprises, Inc. (Ines Moda Infantil)314610308Mariconsmoocking dress
Negros Silk Producers
Rubyline Ladies Fashion4324592Ruby Reyes
Casa Mercedes3
Crisvil Creation374416129/09088733576Cristeta Villacin / RubyHand Bags made from bamboo, handmade fashion jewelries
Hacienda Crafts30 and 329175476279Ina Gastonlamps and lights, table tops
Art Energy33 and 352130402/9235840545MarlonFurniture, Lightings, Accessories, Tablewares, Garden decor
NOAH27 and 27
Bacolod City1 and 20942-728-3838Brenda/ DanielleMasskara souvenirs, bottled foods and tshirts
Talisay City Coop10 and 11445-8788/ 09491388162Caroline / EllahBottled foods, Handicrafts, and baked foods
Bago City9 and 11
Cadiz City13,16,18
Sipalay City5
San Carlos City12
Himamaylan City7
District 24 and 49
District 6
Province of Negros Occidental5,6,41434-0631Benja / LeahTLDC assisted MSME of Neg. Occ
Department Trade and Industry – Region VI30 and 31441-3644 /434-7920Gabb /Gerinelocal assisted MSME in Negros Occ

The Negros Trade Fair celebrates the dynamic partnerships formed over the years between the Association of Negros Producers (ANP) and the Provincial Government of Negros, Governor Eugenio “Bong” Lacson, Bacolod City Mayor Alfredo “Albee” Benitez, Local Government Units (LGU) and Congressional Districts, Department of Tourism, Department of Trade and Industry, private business sectors, sponsors and media partners who share the common goal to promote the province and strengthen small and medium enterprises.

Catch Negros Trade Fair Online!

If you’re not from Metro Manila or can’t attend the fair itself, ANP is set to relaunch a virtual Negros Trade Fair at You may shop online through this link to be able to get a hold of various Negros products here. Click the link to subscribe to their newsletter and see their upcoming promotions that you can support!

Itching to go on an early Christmas shopping? Head to the 36th Negros Trade Fair and help support local artisans by buying their products! Catch the Negros Trade Fair from September 20 to 25, 2022, at the Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City. #SupportLocal and spread the word!

To know more about the Negros Trade Fair 2022, visit their website at or follow them on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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