National Geographic Shop in VivoCity Singapore

You’ve gotta love National Geographic. If you are like most people, it was probably that yellow bordered magazine that inspired you to travel in the first place, or maybe it was the great documentaries, or maybe it was the maps that they include in every issue or maybe…just maybe it was because you were inspired by the many expeditions they have sponsored from the recovery of the Titanic to entering King Tut’s tomb to the exploration of the Nile and the entire world.

vivocity national geographic shop
National Geographic Gallery in VivoCity

Well, if you love National Geographic, the one place you don’t want to miss is the new National Geographic store in Singapore’s VivoCity Mall. While there are other National Geographic stores, there are none like this. That’s because this one is in Singapore and this is the great mixing bowl of Asia where the many cultures, races, and people of the world meet in one transformed city that is part country, part city, and part state. One thing for sure, it’s all good.

mall in singapore natgeo
NatGeo Shop in VivoCity

The store is located in Singapore’s largest shopping mall and while you might expect it to be in a more exotic location, since this is a retail establishment, it makes sense it’s not on the edge or some volcano or deep in the heart of the jungle. What you will see though is plenty of exotic photography, great gear, and of course, that yellow border we all recognize and love.

National Geographic Store in Singapore

National Geographic Store in Singapore

Just in case you are wondering, the store is run and owned by the nonprofit group and all of the proceeds go to funding the many projects and expeditions which the company still sponsors and leads. Also, rather than trying to feel like just another retail space, National Geographic has tried to keep the feel of the museum in place so that while you shop, you are also exploring new wonders. Since it’s founding in 1888, National Geographic has inspired humans all over the planet with educational, scientific, and fun research. It’s been successful, just consider that in Singapore there are more than 100,000 subscribers!

The store hosts regular lectures and film screenings with some of the greatest living explorers, photographers and writers coming from across the world to address audiences.

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