Mister Donut Will Be Misis Donut This Mother’s Day

Misis Donut for Mothers Day

It’s Misis Donut This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – Supplier of all things sweet Mister Donut which has been treating Filipinos for more than 30 years replaces its name in honor of women. Mothers have been favoring the donut brand’s Bavarian flavor when buying to take home to their kids.

Happy Misis Day from Mister Donut
Happy Misis Day from Mister Donut

Mister Found His Misis

Ms. Margaret Jose, Marketing Director for Mister Donut (FB Page) said that customers would ask them where Misis Donut is. “Quite a number of our customers have jokingly asked our crew, ‘Asan ba si Misis Donut?’ she exclaimed. She expresses that it’s really the moms in everyone’s lives that supported the brand in the first place. Husbands and kids loved the donut shop because it was introduced to them by mothers. And through this notion, we know that Mister Donut’s partner is Misis Donut.

Showing Appreciation to the Most Special Woman

Margaret continues to say, “For this Mother’s Day, we saw a big opportunity to give thanks to all the mothers. We wanted it to be really unique to our brand, and in a way that is closest to our hearts,” Mister Donut knows that all mothers are gems of their families and this is the brands way to show how special mothers are. To tell all mothers how loved she is, selected Mister Donut shops have changed their signage to MISIS DONUT. Misis Donut’s name is also decorated inside the stores.

Misis Donut for Mothers Day
Misis Donut for Mothers Day

Families are encouraged to join in this marvelous event and have a bonding time with their mothers or wives over a box of assorted donuts or Belgian bites and other sweet treats. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the woman in your life and show her how much you care. Bring the whole family with mom and eat some pasta or treats and enjoy Mother’s Day. In Mister Donut she’ll surely say that this is the moment “na masarap sulit-ultin”.

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