Look! Starbucks Comes Out with New Cold Craft Coffee Beverages

Cascara Macchiato - Cold Craft Coffee Beverages

Starbucks celebrates coffee passion with new cold craft beverages!

Manila, Philippines — Everybody’s go-to coffee shop, Starbucks shares their new ‘limited time only’ Cold Craft Coffee Beverages. For many years, the coffee giant has wowed their following with unique and surprising coffee drinks that everyone loves. They’ve come up with some of the tastiest and delicious offerings and loyal customers always wait for what they are offering next. Being a loyal fan of Starbucks means there’s always something to look forward to from the coffee company not just with drinks but other offerings as well.

New Cold Craft Coffee Beverages
New Cold Craft Coffee Beverages

This February, they’re releasing a new set of cold beverages again. In the ‘spirit of innovation’, they’re releasing a selection of cold craft coffee drinks highlighting bold flavors that their loyal customers will love. Be prepared on February 19 when they come out with their three new beverages. Starbucks presents its Triple Citrus Cold Brew, Vanilla Sweet Nitro Cold Brew, and Cascara Macchiato.

Do you love citrus flavor and coffee? Then, their Triple Citrus Cold Brew is your perfect match! It’s made with classic cold brew coffee and lime, lemonade, and grapefruit flavors. The coffee-lemonade drink also has one slice of ‘freeze-dried’ lime. This drink, having an extra kick of citrus can wake up any sleepy person, any time.

Cascara Macchiato - Cold Craft Coffee Beverages
Cascara Macchiato – Cold Craft Coffee Beverages

?Cascara Macchiato is a combination of special flavors put in one coffee drink. It’s made with cascara drizzle along with hints of maple and dark brown sugar. It’s also highlighted with Turkish ground coffee so you can expect an intense taste. This drink is available in iced, hot, and blended.

Finally, the last drink that they’ve prepared this month is Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew. It’s a coffee drink which comes from the tap and features a house-made sweet vanilla cream float topping. This coffee drink belongs to the core menu of Nitro Cold Brew. Select Starbucks stores (check branches here) offer Nitro. There you have it, the three most special coffee beverages for this February from Starbucks Coffee!

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