List of DTI Accredited UAE Cargo Companies for Balikbayan Boxes

UAE Cargo Companies for Balikbayan Boxes

Accredited UAE Cargo Companies for Balikbayan Boxes

UAE Cargo Companies for OFWs Sending Balikbayan Boxes

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Sending Balikbayan Boxes is very common for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the UAE and is estimated to reach over 10,000 a day. During the “ber months” or when the Christmas season is soon approaching, the number of sent Balikbayan Boxes by OFWs to their families in the Philippines goes up. These boxes of love are usually filled with gadgets, toys, shoes, chocolates, and other unique souvenirs. That’s why OFWs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other parts of UAE should know a trusted UAE Cargo Companies to ensure that their packages are sent on time, and safely.

Accredited UAE Cargo Companies for Balikbayan Boxes
Accredited UAE Cargo Companies for Balikbayan Boxes

Since there are a lot of reported cases of Balikbayan Boxes being damaged, lost, delivered late, or packages arrived but goods being stolen, especially gadgets and chocolates, the Philippine Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB) has released a list of UAE Cargo Companies accredited by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). In this way, Filipinos sending Balikbayan Boxes from UAE can be at ease that their packages will arrive safely, and if there are any problems they can easily contact the UAE Cargo Companies. Furthermore, the list of UAE Cargo Companies provided by the FTEB can help OFWs avoid ‘fly by night’ cargo companies, to protect their packages since it takes several months to fill them with precious goods for their loved ones back in the country.

So if you are currently residing or working in UAE, and planning to send Balikbayan Boxes to your families or friends in the Philippines, here is the list of UAE Cargo Companies accredited by DTI for sending your Balikbayan Boxes (source):

  • Al Kanaa Cargo
  • Omeir Travel Agency LLC
  • SNTTA Cargo
  • Luzan Express Cargo
  • Khalid Khoory Cargo
  • Coriner Express Cargo Services LLC
  • Golden Box Corner Cargo
  • CMG International Movers & Cargo Services
  • Crystal International Cargo LLC
  • CargoNet Services LLC
  • Atlas Cargo
  • Flomic Freight and Logistics LLC
  • DDC Balikbayan Box Cargo Services LLC
  • AFZ Cargo Services LLC
  • All Win Balikbayan Cargo LLC
  • Frico International Cargo
  • GP Express
  • Gift Palace Cargo
  • Globelink Westar Shipping LLC
  • WBN Pinoy Package
  • Jolly-B Box Express Pte Ltd Abu Dhabi Branch
  • LBC Express Inc
  • Makati Express Cargo
  • Motherlines Shipping LLC
  • MSM International Cargo LLC
  • Asia Express Shipping Agency
  • Filcom Express International Cargo LLC
  • Highlights Express Air and Ocean Cargo
  • Island Express Cargo
  • Padz Cargo Services
  • Precious Sea & Cargo Est
  • Pinas Express Cargo & Clearing LLC
  • Sky Freight Cargo
  • Victors Freight Int’l Corp.
  • Top Express Cargo Services
  • Flomic Freight & Logistics L.L.C.
  • Star Pinoy Cargo LLC
  • PEP Express Cargo LLC
  • CargoNet Services LLC
  • DDC Balikbayan Box Cargo Service LLC
  • Frico International Cargo
  • Alpha Advantage Cargo Services
  • Benelux Freight & Logistics LLC
  • Lingphil Express Cargo Services L.L.C.
  • Danzas AEI Emirates L.L.C.
  • Pinoy Ako Air And Sea Cargo LLC
  • Mercado Express International Cargo LLC
  • Zipline Cargo FZE
  • Alatheer Cargo LLC
  • Best Overall Cargo LLC
  • Home Town Cargo Express
  • Airlink International UAE
  • Gava Forwarding LLC
  • BGL Cargo Express LLC
  • High Tech World Cargo Llc
  • Umac Express Cargo – EGT Shipping and Clearing
  • Danzas AEI Emirates L.L.C.


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