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Lipton Brings Classic Tea Flavors Into a Bottle

Lipton Orange Flavored Ice Tea

Lipton Classic Tea Flavors

As recent as a couple of decades ago, drinking tea was reserved for old people. The hot and normally bitter beverage was seen as a British tradition or an Oriental after-meal drink. No, it was not cool for youngsters to drink tea, until Lipton shook things up and made it a hot commodity.

Lipton Classic Tea Flavors
Lipton Classic Tea Flavors

Apart from being bland and bitter, tea was also almost always served hot. Lipton, one of the world’s most trusted and oldest tea distributors, thought of serving it iced and giving it a tropical spin. This move was very much welcomed by tropical countries like the Philippines, where a cold and refreshing drink is needed every 30 minutes.

Flavors and Tea Goodness

Lipton has spent countless decades perfecting their blend of teas. They have a strong following all over the world because of the high quality and strong flavor of the teas they produced. To the uninitiated, drinking tea regularly promotes good health. Specific kinds of leaves produce different benefits too. There are teas that help people sleep, aid in digestion, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels and so on.

Lipton Classic Red Tea
Lipton Classic Red Tea

By adding flavor and repackaging their teas to cater to a younger audience, Lipton has successfully evolved to fit the needs and fast-paced lifestyle of a modern market.  Lipton Ice Tea comes in different variants and prides itself with being made with real tea extracts – not artificial flavors and colors.

Lipton Ice Tea brand manager Katrina Paras said that Lipton represents positivity as its taste is said to lighten up situations. Lipton Ice Tea’s real tea extracts are believed to boost up anyone’s mood.

The authentic formulation allows drinkers young and old to enjoy the benefits of a healthy cup of tea without the added sugar. Yes, unlike flavored or carbonated drinks, a 100 ml bottle of Lipton Red Ice tea only has 30 calories. It is also very low in sugar, which makes it an ideal drink for people who are watching their caloric or sugar intake.

Lipton Orange Flavored Ice Tea
Lipton Orange Flavored Ice Tea

Additionally, it is healthy enough to bring to school or work. Lipton Ice Tea has three variants: red, green, and lemon. They are also available in liter-sized bottles for parties or gatherings.  It is a much healthier option to sodas which not only pack sugar and calories, but can also lead to other health problems in the future.

As for Lipton’s presence in the Philippines, the brand continues to enjoy a very healthy following. 2016 is a good and positive year for the company as it encourages everyone to continue drinking tea for better health.

Written by Melo Villareal

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