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Mister Donut Despicable Me Donuts: Fun And Tasty Treat Rolled-In-One

Mister Donut Despicable Me Donuts

Mister Donut Despicable Me Donuts

Children love them so much. The little yellow things who captivated the interest of both young and young-at-hearts will again invade not just the hearts of their followers, but their tummies as well.

Mister Donut Despicable Me Smidgets
Mister Donut Despicable Me Smidgets

Mister Donut is bringing in more fun and pleasure by making Despicable Me-inspired donuts. And, yes, minion donuts will unquestionably become a hit.

Well-renowned for their goofy look and wide grins, the minions’ unusual innocence made them a favorite among lots of youngsters, and quite a few kids-at-heart. Actually, the characters of Despicable Me have made their mark in today’s popular culture. You’d probably see plenty of merchandise, from clothes to food, that contain these characters. They’re virtually almost everywhere. Their loveable character, unique language, and adorable silly voice have caught everybody’s hearts, particularly the Filipinos.

Now, being known as a business who keeps spreading happiness to families, Mister Donut joined forces with the creators of Despicable Me to bring these enchanting characters to your most-loved donut shop. Mister Donuts designed their Kiddie donuts inspired with the faces of the minions from Despicable Me, in three distinct designs. They come in Classic Bavarian, Chocolate Bavarian, and Banana Bavarian flavors.

Mister Donut Despicable Me Donuts
Mister Donut Despicable Me Donuts

You will not have any difficulty noticing how cute all these new donuts as they are designed with the faces of three Despicable Me minions in varying expressions. Kids will never be bored ingesting them and will absolutely mimic them because of their silly faces. Bonding time between families and friends will never be the same again because of these sweet treat. They are served in a special Smidgets box designed with Despicable Me. Now, you can get these yellow-colored yummy goodies in 10s, costing P100 per box.

Pinoy kids are sure to love how Mister Donut created Smidgets in yellow-colored balls. And the filling? Yes, BANANA, our cute minions’ favorite fruit. Kids love the way the minions say BA-NA-NA, which undoubtedly made them well-liked today. It will definitely be a fantastic choice for snacks during recess time for kids today. The Despicable Me Smidgets can be purchased in an adorable Despicable Me Smidgets box packaging of 30s. They can be purchased at P150 only.

Despicable Me fans should not miss out on this new donut craze brought by Mister Donut. Today, head over to your nearest Mister Donut shop to get these cute minion-inspired tasty and fun treats and share these cute donuts with your friends and family.

Written by Melo Villareal

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