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inboosta Travel Booster Portable Battery Pack


Nowadays, a majority of the people consider mobile phones a necessity and an indicator of luxury. Due to the technological advancements taking place in this field, people look for gadgets with superior functions and applications. It is no wonder that most of the people opt for Smartphones, iPhones, or tablets.

iboosta Rechargable Battery
iboosta Rechargable Battery

These gadgets have specifically become a symbol of status among people, and they also allow them to remain connected all times, anywhere in the world. It is quite normal that these gadgets have limited power source capability. Users continuously look out for unique power boosters filled with high power backing options since they have realized that the battery-life specification for a smart phones is not the same as that claimed by the company. Hence, portable battery packs are used as a typical accessory by most of the smart phone users.

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There are different types of portable battery packs available in the market with unique specifications. One such product which is worth checking out is “inboosta Travel Booster portable battery pack”. This is a relatively new player in the market, distinctive in its design and functions, and it is competitively priced. inboosta is more of a handy battery pack, which can be used to improve the battery power of all specified devices. This comes with standardized adapter plugs, which help in charging all major smart phone products. This product design involves a high-energy efficient feature as well.

Inboosta Travel Booster
Inboosta Travel Booster

This battery booster device is available in a riot of colors that catch the eye. inboosta named this battery product design the “Rainbow series” on account of the various range of striking and trendy colors for users to choose from. The product comes with a dimension of 60 x 25 x 70 mm with a weight of only 125g. The product combines strong safety features like automated shutdown, overheat protection, high-voltage fuse and 500 charging cycles. Users can operate this battery charger in a simple manner via USB connectors in computers, laptops, or other compatible AC adapters. The product design, with specific aspects related to safety, energy-saving, style and comfort, draws more people into choosing this gadget.

inboosta Travel Booster Rechargable Battery
inboosta Travel Booster Rechargable Battery

The inboosta Travel Booster portable battery pack is available in different battery capacities. This Travel Booster pack with a battery capacity of 5,200 mAh is priced at Php 2,490, that with 6,000 mAh is priced at Php 2,990 and the battery pack with 4,400 mAh capacity is available for Php 1,990, in the market. The built-in battery is a Lithium-ion battery (3.7 V) with a total charging time of 7–13 hours approximately. This product is compatible with several portable devices like tablet PCs, smart phones, music players and hand-held games.

The product packaging includes mini USB cables, the product manual, different adapters for Samsung/Nokia/PSP, micro USB, etc. When compared to other similar battery products available in the market, “inboosta portable battery pack” probably stands out as an exclusive product, perfectly on account of its specific product feature based on the concept of “intelligent charging”, which includes an auto-detection system aimed at efficient charging without overheating. The stylistic yet simple design, and its unique features combined with competitive pricing make this product highly recommendable to all user groups.

In Manila, inboosta is available at Beyond the Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker stores with prices starting at P1990 for 4400mAH model.



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