Ilocos Norte Travel Guide: Traveling with the Innovators

LEAD Movement 4x4

Ilocos Norte Travel Guide: Traveling with the Innovators

Summertime is coming to an end and the best way to cherish it is of course experience everything while you still can. And this is what I did with my recent Ilocos Norte Tours together with LEAD Movement – innovators and trendsetter of the Ilocos Sand Adventures such as 4×4 ride and sandboarding.

Ilocos Norte Travel Guide
Enjoying the Rain with LEAD Movement – Ilocos Norte Travel Guide

My tour in Ilocos Norte was fully packed of adventures. I have experienced 4×4 ride, sandboarding, trekking and swimming in the Anuplig Falls of Adams Ilocos Norte in just one day.

How to get there

Getting there was never been so difficult since I came from Manila.  And here are the details of the travel.

Manila – Laoag

Sleeper Bus – P800 – 10hours

For a first-timer like me, I tried the Sleeper Bus of Florida Transport and please book your travel two days before your travel. Sleeper Bus departs from Manila every 10:15pm at the Sampaloc Terminal.

Things to Do in Ilocos Norte

4x4 ride

4×4 Ride

Experience the bumpy ride in Laoag Sand Dunes while riding a 4×4 vehicle. I loved this activity since I am fond of cars and a little bit of extreme rides. This activity is now very popular in Ilocos Norte especially in Laoag Sand Dunes. The thrilling ride lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes only. The 4×4 ride can accommodate four to five persons for only P2500 and comes with unlimited sandboarding activity. Don’t forget to check your pictures in the booth after your ride for your souvenir.

Experiencing the thrill of sandboarding


Sandboarding is more thrilling for me than the 4×4 ride since I am not really fond of slides and of course board activities but I took the leap to still experience it. There are two choices to experience it, either sitting on the board or standing on the board.

ATV Ride

ATV Ride

ATV ride is perfect if you opt for more thrills all by yourself. Experience the sand dunes as you drive along the sand dunes. it cost P2000 per hour.

Trekking in the Rainforest to Anuplig Falls

Trekking to the Anuplig Falls

We also have a side trip to Anuplig falls, located in the Municipality of Adams Ilocos Norte. It’s a 30-minute trek from the town central. Anuplig’s water is high in alkaline and chilling. Our experience has been more enjoying when it rained during our trek since Adams is part of the Cagayan Rainforest.

Laoag Sand Dunes

Overnight at Adams HomeStay

So after our tiring and enjoying day, we treat ourselves with a perfect combination of cool air and a cup of hot brewed coffee. The HomeStay has only one bedroom with 3 beds, 1 single bed and 2 sharing beds. Mr. Reny Tan – founder of LEAD movement emphasized that there was actually no HomeStay at Adams before and they only sleep in the Barangay or Municipal Center. But due to the increasing tourist activity in the area, a HomeStay was established.

LEAD Movement 4x4
LEAD Movement 4×4

Truly, Ilocos Norte is not only limited to Windmill Tourism but also offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy and places to travel. Beyond doubt, Ilocos Norte can provide you a complete experience if you are not satisfied yet with your summer vacation. It is not yet too late, book a travel now and cherish the remaining days of summer.

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