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How to get to Bandung from Jakarta, Indonesia

Tea Plantation in Bandung

Transportation to Bandung from Jakarta

Bandung is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Indonesia. Each year the number of guests who come here increases. The destinations to see and activities to do here are all magnificent and fun that it really is something one shouldn’t pass out on. One of our readers asked how to get to Bandung from Jakarta which is why we drafted this simple transportation guide. There are many ways to get to Bandung  from Jakarta and here are the detailed directions:

Drive to Bandung from Jakarta
Drive to Bandung from Jakarta

Using Your Own Vehicle

Jakarta and Bandung aren’t far from each other thanks to Cipularang Toll Road, established in 2005, which serves as the easier way to access Bandung from Jakarta. It is around a 3-4 hour drive. You arrive at Pasteur Toll Gate. This is convenient because you get to drive at your own pace; stop by and take a break if needed.

Tea Plantation in Bandung - How to get to Bandung from Jakarta, Indonesia
Tea Plantation in Bandung – How to get to Bandung from Jakarta, Indonesia

Using A Shuttle

In order to do this, you have to book a ticket in many counters for shuttles in Jakarta, or you may also opt to buy it online. The most recommended and trusted shuttle cars are those from X-Trans, Day trans, and Citi Trans. Prices may vary but the positive side about this is you get to rest the whole way, sleep if you want to.

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Using Public Transportation / Bus

Coming from Jakarta, you have a quite number of routes to choose from.

From Pulogadung Jakarta Station

You can ride the bus at Pulogadung Jakarta Station. It will be the Patriot bus. A trip to Bandung from here comes every hour from 5 AM – 7 PM. Price for Economy class, which means non AC, is IDR 60.0000 and for business class, it is 65.000. Business class is from 5AM-8PM.

From Kampung Rambutan

You can also ride Harum Prima bus if you’re coming from Kampung Rambutan. There are trips every 30 mins – 1 hr starting from 4 AM – 9 PM. Economy class is IDR 65.000

From Lebak Bulus

If you’re coming from Lebak Bulus, ride the Primajas bus. Intervals are every hour from 5 AM – 9 PM. Price is IDR 70.000 for business class and IDR 75.000 for executive class.

From Kali Deres

Take Primajasa Bus to Bandung from Kali Deres Station. The bus leaves the station every hour from 5am to 9pm. Executive class tickets are priced at IDR80.000

From Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

You may also ride a Primajasa Bus if you’re at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Buses can be found at Terminal 1b, terminal 2f and terminal 3. They depart every 30 mins. Price is IDR 115.000 which can be bought at a counter and online.

Transportation to Bandung from Jakarta
Transportation to Bandung from Jakarta

Using Train Transportation

Drive to Bandung from Jakarta
Drive to Bandung from Jakarta

Ride at Gambir Train Station or Pasar Senen Station. You can either ride economic, business or executive class. The price ranges from IDR 67.000- 140.000. The ride will be smooth and easy here at least and also direct. You will also love the view you’ll see during the trip.

Both stations are great but Gambir has more departing schedules. It is also best to stay in a nearby hotel to Gambir if you plan to stay more than a day in Bandung.

Direct Flights

Of course, the fastest and most convenient way to reach Bandung is to book a flight. There are direct flights from Jakarta to Bandung. Wings Abadi Airlines, Lion, Garuda Indonesia, and Singapore Airlines are some of the airlines that offers Jakarta to Bandung Flights.

Travel and Tour Packages in Bandung

Check out our complete list of recommended Hotels in Bandung, Indonesia via Agoda or you may also see available Airbnb properties in the city.

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