Get ready for the Thailand Songkran 2016

Songkran Water Fights in Thailand

Thailand Songkran 2016

Beyond doubt, there are several distinctive ways to venerate New Year, Chinese have the dragon dance, Western Countries exhibit fireworks but Thailand has the most bizarre way of celebrating their new year and this is the Songkran Festival. Thailand Songkran 2016 is three days of fun-filled friendly water fights that will start on April 13 to April 15.

Thailand Songkran 2016
Thailand Songkran 2016

What is Songkran

This is the Thailand’s Water Festival or more officially as the Thai New Year considered being the longest holiday in Thailand. This symbols the beginning of new astral year and the start of the summer season. The activities held today like water fights are completely different from the real McCoy intention of the occasion. Originally, the epitome of the event is to splash water on family members and elders to seek for a good fortune and pay reverence to their beloved Buddha.

Taking a look back to history, Songkran originated from Burma and countries like Vietnam and Laos are a keen to this festivity. Etymologically speaking, Songkran was derived from the word Sankranti meaning “to change or to move”.

Things to do during Songkran

Join the Water Fights!

Nowadays, it has been the main reason why Thailand Songkran 2016 became more famous because of this overflowing fun of water fights. This is the time that you need to embrace all the festivities and be fond of the water. Also, joining this event makes you feel to be child again.

Songkran Water Fights in Thailand
Songkran Water Fights in Thailand Photo credit: LightOnDude via / CC BY-NC-ND

Spotlight your Spiritual Intentions!

In case you are opting for non-earthly activities, there are other ways to celebrate Songkran such as visiting Buddhist temples in Thailand and even giving alms to monks.

Mechanics of the Water Fights

Since you are really fond of water and loves to play the water fights, here are some important reminders for you to enjoy more the event.

  1. Play with clean water
  2. Do not use hot water
  3. Pouring ice cold water is okay but throwing ice cubes are prohibited
  4. Fight with water pistols , garden hose, cups and water buckets
  5. Use of high pressure hose are prohibited
  6. Be mindful and have the presence of mind all the time
  7. Dress aptly
  8. Bring your own water-proof bags

Why Celebrate at Chiang Mai

Noticeably, Chiang Mai is the host of the biggest water festival parade in Thailand. So you should expect for different festivities and water activities along the way. But the highlight of the festival is the parade which includes statues coming from different temples. The statues are being poured with water but doing this still requires you to pay respect for the statues. The festival in Chiang Mai is also known as the cleansing of Buddhas.

Songkran 2016
Songkran 2016 Photo credit: echo0101 via / CC BY-NC-SA

Truly, Thailand Songkran 2016 is a remarkable festival where everyone could definitely enjoy. The season of celebration is a perfect time to take pleasure in water because it marks this year’s summer. Moreover, the three-day festival not just offers water festivals but also the showcasing of the optimum and supreme dishes of the Thais.

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