Fly to Fukuoka Japan and Experience Cherry Blossom Festival with Cebu Pacific

Experience Fukuoka Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival with Cebu Pacific

One of the most valued and upheld traditions in Japan is the watching of the blooming of Sakura trees. The blooming, although a natural process undergone by all vegetation, is especially valued by the Japanese culture not only because it denotes the changing of seasons from Winter to Spring, but also because it also subtly reminds the people that beauty is just a temporary state.

Fukuoka Cherry Blossoms
Fukuoka Cherry Blossoms Festival

First glimpse in Kyushu

Tourists and locals alike head to Kyushu to experience the blooming of the Sakura trees first, because the province, which is located in the southernmost part of Japan, experiences the change in seasons first before all of the other islands in the country. There are a lot of parks in Kyushu to see the blooming Sakura trees bask in sunlight.

Sakura Festival in Japan
Sakura Festival in Japan

There are also plenty of cities to choose from, where one should watch the changing of days from Winter to Spring. These include Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, or the capital city Fukuoka.

Bask in Fukuoka’s rich culture

Fukuoka is known in Japan as one of the most active cities, business-wise. Fukuoka, however, also maintains its charms by having several tourist attractions. Aside from having a thousand Sakura trees scattering their delicate pink or white petals about on the streets, Fukuoka also houses the Fukuoka Castle ruins, various art museums, and several must-try food stalls, among others. Geographic blessings include hot springs, the hilly Kumamoto Prefecture, and several shallow bodies of waters that serve as perfect summer getaways.

Sumiyoshi Shrine in Fukuoka Japan
Sumiyoshi Shrine in Fukuoka Japan

But aside from the busy streets, the scent of street food in the air, and the train station-proximal tourist destinations, Fukuoka remains truly beautiful because of its Sakura trees. Fukuoka is where people flock to experience the blooming of Sakura trees first. And although the silent blooming and falling of the pink and white flowers are simple, processes of nature, they remain tradition because of their delicate elegance, and their constant reminder that beauty lies in those that are evanescent.

Whether it be experiencing the transition of Winter to Spring from the balcony of a hotel, or under the canopy of a noodle stand, or in a Sakura tree park under a Sakura tree itself, the beauty of Fukuoka are open to all.

For the blooming of the Sakura tree attracts both young and old, and virtually everyone from all walks of life.

Cebu Pacific
Cebu Pacific Flights to Fukuoka

Experience Fukuoka and the changing of seasons from March to April. Starting December 17, 2015, Cebu Pacific will be offering flights with the new Fukuoka route in Kyushu. For more information on the latest promos, flight bookings, and routes to the land of the rising sun, visit

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