Fly to 45 Popular Destinations and Save Up To 50% on Airfare When You Book at Etihad Airways

Fly to Rome via Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Global Sale: Save Up To 50% on Airfare When You Book at Etihad Airways

Are you looking to save up on your next flight? Feel free to get a share of discounted plane tickets at Etihad Airways offering up to 50% discounts on popular travel destinations across the world.

Fly to London Etihad Airways
Fly to London Etihad Airways

Learn more about this airline company and its many interesting offers to make the most of your travels.

Etihad Airways

Meet this innovative and generous airline company dedicated to make a difference in your air travel experience. Sure, they know how to value customer satisfaction with no less than their Senior Vice President for Global Sales Daniel Barranger saying that they are doing the best they can to meet the personal requirements of their guests. Rest assured that they will keep on finding ways to beef-up customer service. Apparently, they are investing on customer loyalty to boost sales and expand their market.

Whether we are talking of business travelers or economy travelers, Etihad Airways has got something innovative to offer. Flying nannys at the service of parents going on an air trip with their kids are available on board. While economy travelers can always get a share of the Smart Seat featuring fixed wing headrest, business travelers can always use some help from food and beverage managers. There are also Premium Lounges on ground such as the Grand Lounge and Spa in Abu Dhabi to be unveiled in May.

Fly to Paris - Book at Etihad Airways
Fly to Paris – Book at Etihad Airways

Getting A Glimpse of Airfare Offers

Here’s the best thing about Etihad Airways with its global sales campaign. Until September 5, 2016, you can avail of airfares half the original price on popular destinations, including 45 key cities in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Americas. With this offer, you don’t have to limit your travel to a single destination this year for you can always use your savings to avail of another trip.

Discounted Flights from Manila when you book at Etihad Airways

(from Manila)
Economy class Return (USD)Destination (from Manila)Business class return (USD)
New York843Manchester1,986

What’s more about Etihad Airways?

The airline company has been stretching it’s connection with other airlines such as Airberlin, Air Serbia, Alitalia, Air Seychelles and many more to expand available options for travelers. This way, clients can get access to more than 400 destinations across the globe. All this range of great choices is made possible by the airline’s dedication to bring utmost excellence in delivering the best products and services to its valued guests.

Fly to Rome via Etihad Airways
Fly to Rome via Etihad Airways

Don’t miss out the innovation and generosity of Etihad Airways by getting a share of its exciting promos. Visit or see your nearest travel agent now.

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