Flavours of China serves up guilt-free indulgences

Summer is the time when most Filipinos opt for meat-free meals to make sure they’re fit for bikini season. Those looking for healthy dishes with an oriental twist can delight in guilt-free dining with Flavours of China’s newest offerings.

Prawn Mango Cold Salad
Flavours of China serves up guilt-free indulgences

Seafood lovers can satisfy their hunger with the Steamed Fish in Soft Tofu, cooked in their very own special black bean sauce. A steal at only P210, the hefty serving combines soft fish fillet with sliced silken tofu for a deliciously healthy experience.

Those craving for meaty flavors in their meals can delight in the BBQ Fish Fillet for only P225. Deep fried and coated fish fillet is doused in a smoky barbecue sauce, resulting in a wonderful blend of smoky and savory.

Going beyond fish dishes for friendly alternatives this summer, Flavours of China also serves up something fresh and tasty with their Prawn & Mango Cold Salad. Served on a bed of lettuce, the salad is topped with fruits and prawns and drizzled with chilled mayo dressing. Priced at P225, its generous portion makes it perfect for sharing with friends.

Take as bite out of these indulgences without the guilt at Flavours of China now and enjoy a sumptuous summer feast!

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