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Originals are known for one thing: their instinct for creativity, inherent individuality and unique flair. For Havaianas, this instinct led the invention of a new ideal, that of simple joy and unrestrained elegance.

Created nearly half a century ago, in the year 1962, Havaianas was made to fit the beach-loving, easy-going and confident mindset of a tropical culture.

The brainchild of two distinct elements: the breezy aesthetic of Hawaii and the minimalistic sensibilities of Japan, Sao Paulo Alpargatas reinvented the Zori (the Japanese straw slipper) using a secret 100% rubber formula.

Havaianas original pairs
original havaianas designs

By 1965, a thousand pairs of Havaianas were sold in Brazil every day. At the time, the market was dominated by EVA and PVC made flip-flops that proved no match for the newcomer’s promise of comfort, reliable durability and simple style.

Not long after Havaianas became inextricably ingrained in Brazilian culture, the brand became a target for imitators. As early as the 70s and throughout the 80s, inferior copies were launched by competitors. But as a brand anchored on both substance and style, it was particularly hard to convert users who knew that Havaianas was a tried and tested pair.

Still Manufactured in Brazil

Nurturing the originality that spurred Havaianas’ success prompted the brand to innovate. A decade later, the introduction of the Havaianas Top—a monochromatic style still anchored on the brand’s heritage of simplicity, quality and durability—led to a groundswell of attention for the brand that paved the way for the pairs to take to the streets.

Introduced to the fashion-savvy public with only 8 colors, it was this iconoclastic style that would revolutionize leisure wear and take the unassuming flip-flops from the beach to the street and eventually, to the catwalk.

As the pairs caught the attention and graced the feet of sports icons like David Beckham, designers like Michael Kors and Christian Louboutin, Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston and even royalty such as Queen Silvia of Sweeden, it proved once again that true originality always reinvents itself. In time, the name itself, Havaianas, became synonymous to flip-flops.

The Havaianas we now know has been transformed from Brazilian footwear staple of the 60s to the international symbol of bohemian chic and fashion diversity. It walks over international runways, its name is uttered by the vanguards of the fashion industry, it graces the pages of the world’s biggest fashion magazines. And though Havaianas is available in over eighty countries, every pair is still produced in a single factory in northern Brazil using the same closely-guarded secret rubber formula. To this day, over 3 billion pairs have been sold, which, if lined up would go around the Earth 40 times.

It has essentially grown to become the style icon to symbolize the ease and comfort of fashion; its authenticity, anchored on its heritage of comfort and durability, is a fact that can only be experienced by the wearer and can never be replicated by any other brand. And whether it’s dressed up or dressed down, classic and basic or bright and bold, it has struck a chord among the fashionable set that cannot erased.

A truly original brand, Havaianas will always have the creative flair, technical expertise and deep understanding of its users to bank on. And though it continues to arrest the sensibilities of the innovative fashion spirit, one cannot expect anything less from the authentic purveyors of effortless style.

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