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Duli Beach in El Nido Palawan

How to get to Duli Beach?

Duli Beach photo via Duli Beach Resort FB Page

Travel Guide: Duli Beach in El Nido Palawan

While having lunch at Kyla’s Cocina near Nacpan Beach, the restaurant owner suggested that I should also visit another uncrowded beach called Duli Beach.

Turtles at Duli Beach, Palawan, El Nido by David Reynolds via Unsplash
Turtles at Duli Beach, Palawan, El Nido by David Reynolds via Unsplash

Again, it was challenging because the road leading to that beach is also unpaved and sometimes muddy, but the tricycle driver agreed to visit the place since it’s also his first time to hear about this beach.  After two effortful uphill rides, we finally reached the jump-off point to the secret beach. After parking the tricycle beside the unattended Sari-sari store, the driver joined me in a short 15-minute trail walk leading to the secluded beach.

The place might not be the easiest attraction to get to but reaching this huge uninhabited paradise was truly a wonderful experience. Aside from one water buffalo and two dogs, there was no one around when I arrived, and the only thing I saw was a couple of footprints in the sand, palm trees, and the clear waters rolling into the sandy beach. I had the long stretch of beach to myself for almost two hours till the driver came back to pick me up. I almost fell asleep underneath the huge palm trees, but the arrival of two tourists woke me up, but they also left after taking photos of the beach.

Path leading to the beach
The path leading to the beach

The term ‘Duli’ connotes female tortoise, which in all ways perfectly suits the place as this beach is the resting place for green sea turtles. The striking view of this place is what highlights it the most. Duli beach has long been regarded as a surfer’s paradise, especially during the rainy season.

Wood Signboard
Wood Signboard

For a visit to Duli Beach from El Nido, the best travel option will be either by car, or else a motorbike ride will prove to be another interesting option. The journey towards Duli beach begins from El Nido municipality, passing the minivan terminal and taking a straight turn towards the north side.

Travel straight away within the main road for about 10 km, after which take the direction towards the left side and search for a board directing to Pasadena – Bucana, which is to be followed. A small bridge comes into view, which needs to be crossed carefully. Bike riders can cross the bridge if they take a path towards the middle part.

Duli Beach photo via Duli Beach Resort FB Page
Duli Beach photo via Duli Beach Resort FB Page

One can take pleasure and benefit from the tropical island view surrounded by greenery all over. A mixed tropical island sight sided and covered by coconut plantations, rice fields, and forests lands all over give it a rich and fresh greenery look. On average, 30 kilometers need to be covered from El Nido to reach Duli Beach. Further from this place, one can witness the conventional Palawan living styles with small huts amidst the central place in rice or coconut fields.

At the end of covering the 4 km distance, one will reach Bucana and get to the final destination of Duli Beach take the left road. If you witness thick and green forest views, it means that Duli Beach is just ahead. You can also watch out for a signboard which you will find on the left side of the road.

Where to Stay in Duli Beach

Duli Beach Resort 

Duli Beach Resort 
Duli Beach Resort

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Duli Beach Resort is the first and only establishment that offers accommodation on Duli Beach.

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