Travel Advisory for Filipino Travelers Going to Paris, France

(Manila, Philippines) To promote a safer and more enjoyable vacation in Paris, the Philippine Embassy in France released a travel advisory to remind those who are traveling in the city to be more careful of robberies, break-ins, and pickpocketing incidents around the city.

DFA Warns Filipinos Traveling To Paris To Be More Aware of Robbers, Pickpockets And Break-Ins
DFA Warns Filipinos Traveling To Paris To Be More Aware of Robbers, Pickpockets And Break-Ins

According to the advisory, which was announced by the Department of Foreign Affairs, the “string of terrifying incidents happening in the last three years,” with the last incident happening just May 12 of this year. Because of these, the government is warning and raising the vigilance and awareness of those traveling to Frances, especially in Paris.

I experience this terrifying incident firsthand.

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I often tell my foreign travel blogger friends to be always careful and avoid the pickpockets in the Philippines. But I didn’t expect that I will experience it first hand in Paris, of all places. I can still remember the time I got robbed in Paris. Even if I was careful, it happened really fast.

Travel Advisory for Filipino Travelers Going to Paris, France
Travel Advisory for Filipino Travelers Going to Paris, France

So what should you do?

The DFA is requesting Filipinos, who are traveling to France, especially in Paris, to follow a list of travel guidelines to ensure your safe and enjoyable trip:

1. Keep your personal belongings like wallets, phones, bags, and other items secured when walking around the city, going to tourist spots, and using public transportations.

2. Be aware of pickpockets. These pickpockets are widespread around the city. You can find them in trains, metro stations, shopping areas, and other places usually populated by tourists.

3. Keep your identification card and passport in different areas. This is to avoid the risks of losing all of your identification documents.

4. There may also be thieves in apartments and hotels. Ensure that your bags, briefcases, and other personal belongings are always secured. Be careful of “hotel rats” or people pretending to be tourists or guests by using fake names and swipe other people’s baggage. They sneak and break into other rooms to take other guests’ belongings and other valuables.

5. Avoid carrying a huge amount of cash with you. A lot of stores in France accept cards. If you are going to use your credit or debit card, cover your card and your hand when keying in your pin.

6. When riding a public vehicle, hide your bags out of other people’s eyes. Sometimes, robbers show up while you’re stuck in a traffic jam. They will pull your bags at a speed of light.

7. Always be vigilant and alert when going to different areas around France. Follow all the rules and instructions of the military and the police, in case there is an incident.

8. Keep yourself updated on what’s happening by watching or reading the news. Think of your safety first and avoid going to places which are declared unsafe or have any threats to terrorism.

If you need urgent assistance, you may get in touch with the Philippine Embassy. They have an emergency hotline open 24/7 at +33 6 20 59 25 15.

Do you speak English Scam in Paris
Do you speak English Scam in Paris

Those who are in need of immediate assistance may visit the Philippine Embassy directly at 45 Rue de Ranelagh, 4 Hameau de Boulainvilliers, 75016 Paris, France. They can also be reached via phone at +33 1 44 14 57 00 or thru email at [email protected]

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs

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