Cebu Pacific Implements Stricter Rules for Check-in Baggage Allowance

Rules for Check-in Baggage Allowance of Cebu Pacific

Stricter Rules for Check-in Baggage Allowance of Cebu Pacific Has Been Implemented This November 27

Manila, PhilippinesCebu Pacific just implemented stricter rules for check-in baggage. Starting November 27, 2018, there will only be two luggage allowed for passengers who purchased 20 kilogram baggage allowance. There will be three luggage allowance limit for 32kg and four luggage allowance for 40 kg.

Cebu Pacific Airbus A321 photo from the Airbus Company
Cebu Pacific Airbus A321 photo from the Airbus Company

According to CEB Spokesperson Charo Lagamon, this new regulation is to promote ‘operational efficiency’ as passengers before would check-in multiple luggages for their limit of 20 kg. This new policy is applicable to Cebgo flights and international flights of Cebu Pacific. The aim of Cebu Pacific is to carry out flights for all their passengers with ease so each travel is a wonderful experience for everyone.

Passengers with infants are still allowed to bring their strollers with them as well as wheelchairs for PWDs. Take note that the weight of these equipments is not included in the limit of the weight baggage. Passengers can also bring with them one hand-carry baggage of up to 7 kg and a small bag which can fit under their seats. Passengers are allowed only one option for baggage limit which means if they buy 32 kg limit they can no longer purchase the 40 kg limit. Each piece of baggage has 32 kg maximum weight limit.

Rules for Check-in Baggage Allowance of Cebu Pacific
Rules for Check-in Baggage Allowance of Cebu Pacific

Baggage limit will only be charged once for connecting flights with the same booking reference. The check-in baggage allowance is optional for passengers of CEB and can be purchased separately from the ticket. This new rules the airline company has implemented allows international flights to effortlessly connect through Cebgo. It also allows better management of baggage of passengers.

Cebu Pacific is set to monitor the number of baggage that passengers will check-in from now on. Cebu Pacific is gearing towards a more disciplined flight system and through their commitment to serve and passengers’ cooperation, traveling is made easier.

Official Statement from Cebu Pacific: Implementation of new policies on check-in baggage

Cebu Pacific Baggage Allowance Policy photo by Martin Adams via Unsplash
Cebu Pacific Baggage Allowance Policy photo by Martin Adams via Unsplash
Effective November 27, 2018passengers booked on any Cebgo flight will be able to purchase a limited number of large (32 kilograms) and extra-large (40 kilograms) check-in baggage. The opening of higher baggage allowance for Cebgo flights will also be made available for passengers with connecting international flights on Cebu Pacific.However, each passenger can only purchase one type of prepaid baggage allowance.

In line with continued efforts to streamline operations and provide a more efficient check-in experience at the airport, Cebu Pacific will also be strictly monitoring the number of pieces of checked-in baggage, based on the weight allowance purchased, as follows:

  • Standard (20 kg) – up to two (2) pieces of baggage
  • Large (32 kg) – up to three (3) pieces of baggage
  • Extra-Large (40 kg) – up to four (4) pieces of baggage.

Passengers can now pre-purchase baggage allowance depending on the weight and pieces they need. Note that the maximum weight for each piece of baggage is 32 kg.

On connecting flights on the same booking reference, baggage allowance will be charged only once.

Guests travelling with infants and small children can still check-in strollers for free. The same goes for mobility-assistive devices (such as wheelchairs).

On top of pre-paid check-in baggage, all Cebu Pacific and Cebgo passengers may bring one (1) carry-on or hand-carry baggage inside the cabin with a MAXIMUM weight of seven (7) kilograms and fits inside the overhead bins; and one (1) small bag that can fit under the seat.

Source: PTVNews

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