Carefully Pack For A Jungle Safari As You Head For A Tadoba Resort


By: Paul Simon

In a jungle safari, you will get the opportunity to sight wild animals and explore the natural habitat. Before you embark on an exciting journey make a list of the things which you need to carry. The backpacking tips which are share in this primer will be of great help to individuals who have a jungle safari in their mind. Packing for a jungle safari can be an exciting and enjoyable task. However, make sure that you do not leave behind the important items. Your baggage should be light so that you can travel easily. You must not include items which are not necessary.

Inside Tigers Heaven Resort
Inside Tigers Heaven Resort

Choose the right clothes

Backpacking for a safari is different from packing for other trips. When you travel in an open jeep, your clothes should be light and comfortable. The clothes which you pack should not be brightly-colored. Loose fitting and comfortable clothes are the right choices. As in most cases you will start your gamer drive in the morning you may need a fleece jacket to keep warm. Layered clothing will protect you from the morning chill. Opt for long sleeved clothes which will act as a shield against insect bites and mosquitoes. For the jungle trails, you must be equipped with strong and robust boots and thick socks.


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Items which you should carry

Make sure that you include sunscreen in your packing list. Sunglasses are a must which will protect you from the scorching sun. Do not forget to carry the right medication. Predicting medical issues beforehand is not possible. Add anti-malaria tablets, antibacterial soap, and medicines to treat allergies in your first-aid kit. Add insect repellant to your list. It is a wise idea to carry a small day bag such as a tote bag in which you can carry the camera and binoculars. Carry an extra memory card for your camera so that you can capture the precious moments.

Lush Greenery inside Tigers Haven Resort
Lush Greenery inside Tigers Haven Resort

Pack for safari

A zoom lens and dust free case for your camera is a must. With a pair of binoculars, you will be able to observe animals which are at a distance. If you are deciding to stay at an eco-lodge, you may need a torch. For the rainy seasons, raincoats are a must. Ensure that you are equipped with windbreakers which are rainproof. You will need a valid passport for the trip. You may be out for long periods of time exploring the thickets. For such journeys do not forget to carry water and snacks. However, do not offer food to wild animals.

Important travel tips

Tiger Tadoba resorts offer laundry services. Thus, you can pack light. Select the clothes which you can fold easily. Opt for garments which fit your pouch. Do not forget to carry convertible cargo pants and t-shirts. When choosing your clothing stick to neutral and natural colors such as olive, beige and khaki. White clothes are not recommended as they will get dirty quickly. Do not carry deodorants and perfumes which may act as irritants to the animals. Stay away from flashy jewelry as well. To get around in the jungle, you must be equipped with maps and a compass.

Rooms at Tigers Heaven Resort
Rooms at Tigers Heaven Resort

Embark on a jungle safari

A jungle safari is different from other types of holidays. Backpacking for a jungle safari requires thought. Carry hats which have wide brims so that your sensitive eyes are protected. As the game driving vehicles are open or have large open roofs, you will be exposed to direct sunlight. If you have plans of camping, do not forget to carry camping gear. If you have plans of staying in the woods carry adequate food which will last during the entire stay.

Paul Simon booked his stay at tiger Tadoba resorts to enjoy the wildlife in India. He is looking forward to a jungle safari in the country.

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