Budget Staying & Eating Options at Boracay Island

Boracay Island in Malay Aklan

Boracay Island can provide thumping avenues to be explored by tourists. Despite of so many options for tourists, it becomes all the more imperative for most to stay at the right zones where they can find a perfect mix of accommodation with sumptuous and affordable food options. Some of the in-budget staying options at Boracay Island include:

Boracay Beach Front Accommodations

  • Blue Mango – It is one of the perfect destinations to stay right at the center of White Beach. They have a restaurant that offers local and international cuisine.
  • Taj Guesthouse Boracay – My favorite place to stay in Boracay, It is a boutique style guesthouse just few steps away from D’mall – the perfect place if you want to eat, party or fix your pasalubong shopping.
  • Moreno’s Place – It is an ideal accommodation for those who are on a tighter budget. The private rooms with fan may cost around 600-900 Pesos while the air conditioned facility can be negotiated in and around 1000-1500 Pesos depending on the season.
  • Dave’s Straw Hat Inn – It s one of the most affordable lodging option located at station 3. The rooms are small with friendly staff but the rates might be on a bit higher side than the other similar options.
  • My favorite Strawberry Shake

  • Little Corner of Italy – The facility is popularly known as “Da Marrios” and is run by an Italian. There are two distinct budget options to go with – Budget common rooms (for up to 4 persons per room) with fan, common shower and toilet. The other option is to choose bungalows which are ideal for 2-4 persons and the price starts from 1800 Pesos.

Boracay Islands can offer tourists ideal zones to pamper their taste buds. Some of the popular in-budget eating options include:

Boracay Cheap Accommodations

  • Bamboo Lounge – It serves handpicked selection of world class Chinese food in an al fresco setting.
  • Coconut Bar/Restaurant – It is located near to boat station 3 and serves Filipino and International cuisines in a native setting style to the guests.
  • Blue Jade Café – It is one of the popular Café’s located in D’Talipapa. Guests can shop around for sumptuous sea food options and have them cooked at the restaurant. The restaurant also offers delicious Asian and European delicacies.
  • Lovell’s Swiss Bakery – It is Baracay’s first European bakery shop which can offer tourists to choose amongst fresh pastry’s, puffs and assorted cookies and other bakery options.
  • Obama Grill Bar Restaurant – Foodies cannot afford to miss this steak restaurant which offers sumptuous grill bar options and priceless ambiance.

I’ll be visiting the island next week and hopefully I can add more accommodations and eating options on the list:)

  1. rebie says

    ..hello there. you might also want to check out Zoe Mei Resort for budget place to stay. it is located at the tip of the island and if you prefer a peaceful place to relax and prefers privacy this is a great place to be. Boracay in a Budget

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