Nature house 1 Laren, Netherlands

Away from the masses in Europe with Nature house

As a continent with 50 countries, it is no surprise that Europe is one of the most diverse continents in nature, history, and culture. Whether you want to see Arctic scenes in the north, large beaches with turquoise water, vast lush green forests, or mountain areas with snowy peaks, Europe has it all.

Nature house in Friesland, Holland
Nature House in Friesland, Holland

If you are a nature lover and looking for a unique accommodation type for your next European trip, the Dutch booking platform Nature house has got you covered. Founded in 2009, the company offers over 17.000 accommodation types in Europe, all completely located in the middle of nature and away from the masses. This gives you the perfect opportunity to discover the wonders of Europe is perhaps the most authentic way.

Durbuy belgium
Durbuy Belgium

Have you always dreamed of having a cabin in the woods or near a lake? Or maybe a beach house or a hut in the mountains. It is all possible with Nature house. They offer traditional houses and unique accommodations like treehouses, boats, tents, and glamping accommodations. The houses vary from having only primary needs to large villas with your own pool and jacuzzi. Wake up to the sound of chirping birds and get ready to undertake countless activities in your surroundings; visit a national park, go to a UNESCO site, wander through a museum or admire the rich history of cities like Rome, Paris, Berlin, or Antwerp. The closeness to nature ensures you can have an adventurous holiday filled with outdoor activities, whether hiking, cycling, kayaking, surfing, swimming, or climbing.

Nature house in Cisternino - Apulia, Italy
Nature house in Cisternino – Apulia, Italy

Of course, with these COVID-19 times traveling has been a challenge. That is why most houses at Nature house have the option of “contactless stay,” where you do not need to meet with the landlord or any other people during your stay. The company’s mission is to connect people with nature and give back to it; that is why they donate €1 of every booking to local nature projects. Moreover, if you want to have a completely sustainable holiday, Nature house has over 1200 eco-friendly homes which have, for example, solar panels or their own vegetable garden.

Nature house 1 Laren, Netherlands
Nature House 1 Laren, Netherlands

How you spend your time in Europe is depended on the area you have decided to visit. Walkthrough medieval villages in France, take a dive in the ocean on the coast of Italy, Croatia, Spain, France, or Portugal, or watch the Northern Lights in Scandinavia. The north of Europe tends to have cold winters and mild summers, whereas the south, on the contrary, has sunny and hot summers with mild winters.

Natuurhuisje in Dalalvan - Zuid Zweden
Natuurhuisje in Dalalvan – Zuid Zweden

The location of the houses in the middle of nature will guarantee an unforgettable holiday experience. It can be great for a holiday with the whole family to get away from all the hustle and bustle but also if you want to have a romantic getaway in a cozy cabin.

Nature house 3, italy
Nature house 3, Italy
Oldeberkoop Friesland
Oldeberkoop Friesland

So, if you are looking for a new experience to discover Europe, booking a Nature house might be something for you!

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