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Antique: An Adventurer’s Paradise at a Glance

Seco Island in Antique

Adventures in Antique

The province of Antique yields infinite natural wonders that are a sight to behold by every adventure-crazed traveler.

The Malumpati Spring photo by
The Malumpati Spring photo by

A challenging climb to the top of swirling waterfalls, an expedition for wild flora and fauna into wild rainforests, white-water rafting along gushing rapids, lush mountain high atop sprawling waterfalls, spelunking into the longest cave in the Philippines, snorkeling in protected coral reefs, hopping to uncharted islands, and meeting hospitable locals are some of Antique’s memorable activities.

Camping on Golden Beach

Amid the view of the setting sun, Pandan Bay or Golden Beach is a glittering beach that is perfect for a campout underneath the stars.

With a few inhabitants, composed of fisherfolks and boutique resorts, this beach emits an ambiance where travelers can embrace warmth and tranquility all day. It affords a friendly community that seeks to give assistance to anyone in need, where a request to fish in the sea is joyfully granted.

Malumpati Cold Springs

Known to have magical powers, Malumpati Cold Springs is a manmade watershed that holds water from a fresh lake 40 meters up from the top of the mountain.


People who go here for a swim, revel in the cool spring water to absorb its revitalizing effects and rich healing properties

Spilling through the rainforest, the water provides for the surrounding villages.

Hiking to the top of the cliff provides a fulfilling experience.  It reveals huge waterfalls, wild plants, hidden caves, rare butterflies and endemic bird species like the Writhed Hornbill or Dulungan (Aceros Waldeni) and the Tarictic Hornbill or Tirik (Penelopides Panini).

Tibiao River and Bugtong-Bato Falls

The Municipality of Tibiao offers a must-see eco-adventure in Antique.


Roughly an hour and a half away from Golden Beach, Tibiao shows off a breathtaking picture of rice paddies, mountain ranges and farmers tilling with carabaos.

At the foot of Mount Madja-As, the highest mountain of Panay is Tibiao River. The city river runs fast along a rapid water trail, which spews cold water amid big rocks, boulders and drops. It is well attended by kayaking enthusiasts from beginners to advanced.


Tibiao River leads to Bugton-Bato, a seven-tiered waterfall held between rice terraces, nipa huts and lush forests. It is perfect for swimming, cliff jumping and hiking.

Mount Madja-as

For more adventure, a tour to Mount Madja-As promises thrill seekers a day-long trek 2030 meters up. This fits in an overnight itinerary of camping and an exciting discovery of a hidden lagoon, rainforest, rare orchids, wild herbs and animals.

Bugang River

Bugang River
Bugang River

Bamboo rafting along the cleanest river in Antique is a fun activity to experience. A tour of this includes island hopping to the vibrant marine life of virgin islands, as Batbatan and Mararison Islands.

Pandan Public Market

Widely reputed in Panay, the Pandan Public Market holds Antique’s homegrown products like bananas, Nipa (a kind of palm tree), ube (purple yam), cassava, vegetables, coconuts, unrefined muscovado sugar, weavings of Piña, Abaca, Buri, and Bariw, plus an assortment of fresh and dried fish.

Coin purse from Antique
Coin purse from Antique

How to Get to Antique

From Manila, take a flight to Kalibo or Caticlan, then ride the van up until the junction of Nabas and Antique. Get off and take a tricycle to Poleon, then take a jeepney or tricycle to Duyong, which leads to Golden Beach.

Best Beach in Antique

Other modes of land transportation are by mountain biking, and by the Ceres Bus Liner (with a sign of San Jose to Iloilo) from Caticlan Jetty Port. Get off at Poleon in Pandan.

Written by Amanda Virrey

Amanda Virrey is a free-spirit who loves to experience and write about the sweetness of life with her young daughter in places, food, events and people, far and wide, never getting old, but always staying young, fit and happy.

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