AirAsia Receives Two Major Awards at World Travel Awards Grand Final

World Travel Awards

AirAsia Receives Two Major Awards at World Travel Awards Grand Final

When it comes to air travel, choosing between low cost and high quality can keep a person up at night. Rarely does someone get the best of both worlds. Once extra baggage fees and other ambiguous fees are added in, travelers often regret buying the lowest fare. AirAsia is trying to squash the idea that you can’t have both value and quality. For four years running, they have been awarded the highly competitive “World’s Leading Low-Cost Airline” at the 23rd World Travel Awards (WTA) Grand Final.

Air Asia went beyond previous years by also pulling in the “World’s Leading In-flight Service” award. To claim this award, they had to beat eight full-service carriers, including Thai Airways, Japan Airlines, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, and American Airlines.

Each company is judged on eight categories, including overall business performance, customer satisfaction and service quality, staff relations and development, product innovation, fulfillment of a long-term corporate vision, commitment to sustainable policies, and corporate social responsibility and contribution to local community.

The industry is certainly taking notice of AirAsia’s business practices. As customers and investors gravitate to the company, competitors will likely make adjustments to their corporate practices. Eclipsing AirAsia the next time around will be no easy task. The company’s CEO, Tony Fernandez, says there is more innovation to come, adding, “we are looking at fast tracking guests who share their travel profile with immigration authorities.”

Executives at Air Asia are not shy when boasting about their recent accomplishments. With a high emphasis on customer satisfaction, they’re growing in a sustainable manner. Constant improvements are at the core of AirAsia’s business model. Customers know that their service provided will not degrade bit by bit, as is so common in the industry. After excelling for so many years in both service and cost, other airlines will be forced to adapt.

“Cabin crews are the heart and soul of any airline, and I am overjoyed that our AirAsia Allstars are being honored for their hard work in delivering the world’s best inflight service,” says Suhaila Hassan, AirAsia Group Cabin Crew Head. “Some people still think budget means bad service but this award proves low-cost doesn’t have to mean low quality.”

World Travel Awards
World Travel Awards

“From our Santan menu, featuring dishes from across Asean, to our T&Co premium coffee, nothing has been spared to ensure our guests get only the best, and I’m glad our guests agree with us because tonight would not have been possible without their support,” says Head Catherine Goh, AirAsia Group Inflight F&B Head.

These awards the airline recently grabbed come hot on the heels of AirAsia’s World’s Best Low-Cost Airline award for the eighth year in a row during the 201 Skytrax World Airline Award last July.

Should you wish to know more about the company’s recent activities and promos, check out its social media accounts: and

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