9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Camping with Kids

Reasons Why You Should Consider Camping with Kids

Not a lot of parents are open to the thought of camping with their kids. Looking after young children can already be a lot of work in the home setting but even more so when you are outdoors. Additionally, bringing kids also mean lugging more things with you (clothes, feeding utensils, toys) and considering other things (safety, difficulty, permits).

But, in our experience, bringing kids along to an adventurous trip, such as camping is totally worth all the hassle. If you are still looking for reasons to convince yourself, read on:

It provides some much-needed exercise

Mount Puting Bato Peak
Mount Puting Bato Peak

With gadgets and television taking up much of our kids’ time these days, getting them to start moving has become a growing challenge for many parents. Camping trips often require a certain amount of hiking which means that they get to stretch their limbs, build their stamina and make them physically stronger.

It is an inexpensive form of vacation

While staying in an all-inclusive resort with little kids is definitely appealing, it can also be very costly. An overnight stay in a luxurious hotel can often be equivalent to a week or even more in the campgrounds. Yes! That’s how much you save when choosing one over the other. Which one is better: staying in a five-star hotel or staying under five billion stars?

It teaches them important life skills

A lot of things happen before a person is finally able to pitch their tent. For example, there’s itinerary planning, budget planning, meal planning and even planning your pack to make sure you bring your most essential items. Not only will your kids get exposed to money and kitchen skills, they also learn to prioritize the most important things in life.

It teaches them outdoor skills

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It’s pretty easy to set up a tent but not all people have that skill. Cooking food with limited resources can also be tough. There are a lot outdoor skills that your child will learn when you bring them camping — reading a map, tying a knot, starting a fire (in case you forgot your match), applying basic first aid and so on.

It provides a great way to make new friends

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It’s always nice to expand your circle of friends and the campsite is a great way to do just that. But, instead of exposing them to kids their age, you allow them to interact with people from various ages and backgrounds. Wouldn’t it be nice if your kid is able to connect with all types of people?

It lets them explore new places

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Malls are overrated and cities are crowded, dirty and overly polluted. Campgrounds are often located in the mountains (or in the beaches) which are less crowded and provide a breathe of fresh air for everyone. No noise, air or any other form of pollution around!

It shows them the beauty of the world

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It’s sad that some people only get to see the beauty of the world through newspapers, books and the television. How about actually showing your children how beautiful a certain place is by bringing them there?

Teaching them to appreciate and take care of nature is also an abstract concept that is hard to grasp until they actually see and experience it with their own eyes. So, bring them there and show them how truly beautiful the world is! They will learn to take better care of nature this way.

It is a great bonding experience

When you are caught up with the busyness of life, camping always provides that much-needed break to help slow things down. Leave out all the gadgets and focus on each other. Talk about the things that you do not usually open up at home and you will be surprised at what you will find out from each other!

It starts a beautiful family tradition

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When you’re kids grow older, bringing them again together can be difficult as they will already have their own lives to live. Creating unique family traditions such as these will help bring you closer together even as they start growing up. They might even pass down the tradition to their own families — and you might just be able to bond with your future grandchildren this way, too!

Camping is beautiful experience to share with your kids. I highly suggest you bring them on one and have a great time as a family!

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