2023 Starbucks Planners, Tumblers Are Finally Here

2023 Starbucks Traditions Planners and Tumblers

Starbucks 2023 Planners are here in 2 colors

Here’s What We Know About the 2023 Starbucks Planners & Tumblers

True blue Starbucks fans would know that aside from holiday bonuses and Christmas parties, Ber months signal the coming of the much-awaited Starbucks planners. And every year, Starbucks does not disappoint– they’ve continuously wowed us with their classy and aesthetically pleasing planners.

Starbucks Philippines 2023 Planners
Starbucks Philippines 2023 Planners

And just a few days before November, the coffee chain dropped a sneak peek of its 2023 Starbucks Traditions collection. Here’s what we love about them so far!

Starbucks 2023 Planners are here in 2 colors
Starbucks 2023 Planners are here in 2 colors

Starbucks Philippines 2023 planners are available in two colorways, Champagne and Black

Expect your 2023 planners to be chic– in the sneak peek, the planners are available in two colors, both having metallic silver details in the leather cover. The cover features pockets and a pouch for additional storage where you can put cards or papers.

2023 Starbucks Traditions Black Planner
2023 Starbucks Traditions Black Planner

The planners come in a ring binder.

Those who are into journals will surely love this new planner as it comes with a six-ring binder that allows you to easily add or remove each page! The binder type makes for a more personalized planner, as you can unclasp and put sticker pages, maps, important notes, or whatnot inside. Bonus: it comes with a matching pen, too.

Starbucks Planner 2023 Philippines
Starbucks Planner 2023 Philippines
February Starbucks 2023 Philippines Organizer
February Starbucks 2023 Philippines Organizer

Artistic pages, neat scheduler

Leaf through the planner’s pages, and you’ll see 12 monthly artworks that contain inspiring quotes each. Adding character to the planner, these pages let you welcome each month colorfully. And for its dated pages, you get a clean, refreshing look. Perfect for those who want to personalize their calendars by doodling or putting stickers on the pages.

Elegant and reusable tumbler and cold cup

Starbucks 2023 Planners And Tumblers
Starbucks 2023 Planners And Tumblers
2023 Starbucks Traditions reusable tumbler and cold cup
2023 Starbucks Traditions reusable tumbler and cold cup

Aside from the Starbucks planner, the 2023 merchandise lineup also comes with a 15 oz stainless steel tumbler and a 15 oz cold cup, which both feature the iconic siren logo. If you’re not into planners, you can get these for a more environment-friendly yet stylish beverage container!

Philippines Starbucks Planner 2023
Philippines Starbucks Planner 2023

How to avail the 2023 Starbucks Planners and other Starbucks Traditions collection?

If it’s your first time to try and get this collection, don’t fret– the way to get your hands on these glamorous SB planners and tumblers is pretty easy. You just need to purchase any Tall, Grande, or Venti beverage from any Starbucks branch. Then, you’ll earn a sticker for every purchase. You just need to collect 18 stickers all in all to get a Reward Voucher, from November 2, 2022, to January 2, 2023, only. It’s also best to download the Starbucks app to easily keep track of your stickers.

Mechanics / How to collect stickers

Via App

  • Step 1 – Download the Starbucks PH app
  • Step 2 – Login and opt-in to the e-Promo Card
  • Step 3 – Earn an e-Sticker for every drink purchased with the app
  • Step 4 – Get a voucher for every 18 e-Stickers. Tap and redeem reward in store.

Via QR Promo Card

  • Step 1 – Buy a drink to get a QR Promo Card at a store
  • Step 2 – Collect a digital sticker for every drink purchased
  • Step 3 – Combine digital stickers from up to 2 QR Promo Cards
  • Step 4 – Collect 18 stickers and tap QR Promo Card to redeem reward in stores

Lazada Flagship Store Purchase

  • Step 1 – Visit the Starbucks Official Lazada Flagship Store
  • Step 2 – Link your Starbucks® Rewards Account
  • Step 3 – Purchase at least P5,000 in a single receipt
  • Step 4 – Earn one (1) Reward Voucher on your Starbucks Rewards Account after 7 days from the successful delivery

Earn stars via Starbucks Delivers

Get one QR promo card with corresponding digital stickers when you purchase at least four eligible handcrafted beverages in a single order. (read terms)

Want to know more about Starbucks Traditions? Download the Starbucks app now, both available on Google Play and App Store.


Can I combine 2 Starbucks QR Promo Cards?

Yes, you can combine up to two (2) QR promo cards. Present up to two (2) QR Promo Cards at the register to combine stickers earned to redeem Starbucks Traditions merchandise.

What’s the difference between a Mobile App e-Promo Card and QR Promo Card?

The e-Promo Card is a digital card exclusive to Starbucks Rewards members and accessible through a registered Starbucks app or web account. You can track e-Stickers and how many Starbucks Traditions merchandise you can redeem anytime on the app, and you never have to worry about carrying a separate promo card.

The QR Promo Card is a physical card that is just as great for customers who have not yet registered for Starbucks Rewards. New this year, all stickers are digital and earned by scanning the QR code on the card upon purchase of an eligible drink. You can ask your barista to track your digital stickers or click here.

Will I earn digital stickers if I order via Grab Food or Food Panda?

Yes! When you purchase a minimum of four (4) eligible drinks on GrabFood, foodpanda or Pick.A.Roo, you’ll receive one (1) QR Promo Card with its corresponding digital stickers. The card will be placed inside the sealed Starbucks paper bag. It’s Starbucks Traditions delivered to your doorstep!

How can I get Starbucks Traditions Merchandise faster?

All Starbucks Traditions merchandise is not for retail sale, but they offer another exciting way for you to get hold of the collection. Every purchase of P5,000 worth of merchandise and retail items (combination of serve ware, brewing merchandise, whole bean, Starbucks VIA® or Teavana®) in a single receipt at our store automatically entitles you to one (1) Starbucks Traditions Reward.

How much is a Starbucks Planner 2023 in the Philippines?

The Philippine Edition of 2023 Starbucks Planners are not for sale. However, you can check Shopee or Lazada for Starbucks planners from Singapore, Japan, and other Asian countries.

Can I request a replacement for a lost/damaged QR Promo Card?

Starbucks cant replace lost or damaged QR Promo Cards. They can also not retrieve sticker information if the QR code on your card is damaged and cannot be read. Please safe keep you card to ensure your stickers are intact.

Starbucks Traditions Customer Care Hotline

  • +632-8462-6262 (Metro Manila)
  • 1800-10-4626262 (PLDT Toll-free)
  • Monday to Friday, 9AM – 9PM
  • Saturday to Sunday, 10AM – 8PM
  • [email protected]

What are your thoughts on the 2023 Starbucks Traditions collection? Is it a yay or a nay? Comment below and let us know if you’re excited to get these classy collector’s items when it becomes available on November 2!

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