Havaianas Flip-Float : Want one for your Summer Escapade?

Who said summer is over? The sun is sometimes shy but that doest stop a beach bum like you to visit you favorite Summer destination right?

Havaianas is giving away one cool inflatable slipper designed raft to one lucky comment posters on this blog.

beach fashionista
Win a Havaianas Flip-Float Raft

The comment poster with the most interesting answer will win a huge Havaianas inflatable gigantic slipper rafts that you can bring and use on your next summer beach escapade.

Havaianas Raft
Flip Float inflatable raft

If you think you are a beach bum, beach fashionista, a beachcomber or maybe just a simple traveler who loves to enjoy the sand and sun.. Be one of the owners of this Flip-Float which is now popular in Australia and Brazil.

havaianas contest
Havaianas Party

Do you want to have one? All you need to do is to answer this Question :

Havaianas free
Havaianas Online Contest

“What can you do with a Havaianas flipfloat? “

  1. dong ho says

    i believe a havainas flipfloat will look great in siargao with dong ho on it while hitting the cloud 9 waves. with coron in dong’s secret eskapo list, i believe it can best match its cyan serene water.

  2. Sheree says

    The havaianas flipfloat would be the best companion while watching the sunset from the Pearl Farm of Davao. Floating on the sea while the sky turns orange!!!what a relaxing experience.

  3. Rowena Wendy Lei says

    I would use it to help my kids conquer their fear of the water and teach them to swim. It’s large enough so I can easily hoist either or both of them on the flipfloat if they get tired paddling and it can support them as they try to float on their own. With this they can float their fears away and learn a new skill over the rest of the summer. 🙂

  4. John Cortez says

    Havaianas was great flip float that i buy ang got it….I’m very comforatable when i wear it any time, any where… One day i tried to use it when i go to province and i’m not expected that when i come oh my gush i really high flood that i can’ t worried why bcoz i know i wear it havaianas flip flop that can use anytime with strong and very flexible u can use every where..

  5. Min says

    We are on the process of setting up our room into a mini playschool area for my 16 month old daughter. Our plan is to home school our child and to pattern it along with other progressive schools in the country. We are in need of educational and other resource materials to help in my baby’s development. Currently, what we have are reading materials, wall charts, flashcards, wooden toys and etc. I am eyeing for the large inflatables and bounce materials to be added in our list because I know that bouncy movements are appropriate stimulation for children below 2 years old. But due to their high prices and the fact they will not fit into the room, I decided to let it go. Thanks to Havaianas! My hopes are high nowadays because I have a chance to own a colorful inflatable that will be a perfect bounce and play material for my daughter. The Havaianas inflatable slipper raft will definitely fit in the mini playschool area that we are working on. This will really help stimulate her senses every time she will have her bouncy- with-music -sessions at home. We no longer need to travel and go to places with inflatables and bouncy materials. Outdoors and indoors we can have our bouncy bonding moments and play for as long as we want at the comfort of our own home. Now that’s really cool, hassle free and inexpensive!!!

  6. toolbox says

    free flip-float??wow, what a nice treat!!what makes it cool though is that its Havaianas…its no ordinary floats we see in malls.. its the coolest flip float ever..since people goes gaga over wakeboarding here in Davao, I’d use it as a wakeboard and frolic from morning til night..weeee!

  7. jesca says

    wew… what else can we do..
    here in angono rizal, we yearly conduct a higantes festival, so with this havianas flipfloat, it can be a higantes tsinelas.. haha.. LOL

  8. czaroma says

    The summer season is almost over, but my summer will never end as long as I have my Havaianas Flipfloats! I’ll definitely be using this lounging in the pool with my family. It’s also the perfect time to flaunt and share the flipfloats around. I’ll bring it to the office every weekday and let the Havs get rid of our stresses and keep us all inspired. On weekends, it’s time to take the Havs home and let it be part of our family-bonding moments where we can lie on it while watching a movie or reading a book. This would be the perfect piece I can use all year-round!

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