Why the Philippines Is the Best Retirement Place in Asia

Retirement in the Philippines by @thevernon via Unsplash

Why the Philippines Is the Best Retirement Place in Asia

Situated in the Western Pacific Ocean, the Philippines consists of about 7,641 islands. In this beautiful country are over 108 million people. There over 175 languages used in the Philippines, but the official languages are English and Filipino.

Retirement in the Philippines by @thevernon via Unsplash
Retirement in the Philippines by @thevernon via Unsplash


As of 2019, the average life expectancy for males and females is 71.66 years. Males make up 50.22% of the population, and the rest are females. The average age group in the Philippines are as follows:

Age GroupMaleFemale

The most populous city in the Philippines in Quezon City. This is followed by Manila, the capital city. The runners up are Caloocan City, Davao City, and Cebu, respectively.

Get to know the Filipinos

4 Most Common Traits of Filipinos

Timid and non-confrontational

In general, Filipinos are respectful of authority with utmost politeness. On the opposite edge of this double-edged sword is the trait of being non-confrontational. Filipinos may result in passive aggressiveness when people don’t act favorably towards them.

Filipinos are laid back

Filipinos are very optimistic. They will find reasons to smile for through adversity. Try watching a local news report about the worst typhoons to hit the country, and video footage will show you children swimming through the flood, laughing, and enjoying the moment. On the other side of the spectrum are Filipinos being happy with mediocrity and delaying work. There are outliers to this trait, but in general, Filipinos don’t stress about the stuff that doesn’t matter to them. To many Filipinos, time with their friends and family is a feat no money can buy.

Filipinos are very caring

Filipinos thrive as nurses, domestic helpers, and service crews. The gem behind these is their natural care towards people’s welfare. They will go beyond their job descriptions to make people they care about, happy. On the other end of things, people tend to be sensitive towards rejection and criticism. They tend to take criticisms as an insult, and rejection can make most of the coil. When Filipinos don’t feel good about your relationship with them or themselves, expect them to be thinking about switching jobs if this isn’t much of a luxury.

Filipinos are friendly

Filipinos are sensitive towards how others feel. Many Filipinos are naturally adept at bringing people closer together. They are impactful influencers among each other with a common goal of not leaving anyone behind. When not at their best, this influence among their cliques can be used negatively towards a person they share the same ill-feeling against. In the grand scheme of things, Filipinos are loyal to their friends.

Why the Philippines Is the Best Retirement Place in Asia
Why the Philippines Is the Best Retirement Place in Asia

What Makes Retirees Happy

In an article published in today.com, Americans in their 70s, 80s, and beyond reveal the biggest regrets of their lives. Their top five regrets are as follows:

  1. Not being careful enough when choosing a life partner
  2. Not resolving a family estrangement
  3. Putting off saying how you feel
  4. Not traveling enough
  5. Spending too much time worrying

Erik Erikson, a household name in the field of Psychology, theorizes on the 8 Stages of Psychosocial Development. Erikson’s theory suggests that people pass through eight distinctive developmental stages as they grow and change through life. According to him, the last stage of development is about Integrity versus despair. People above the age of 65 ask themselves one common question “Did I leave a meaningful life.” As they reflect on their life, they will either feel good or bad about the life they lived. People who look back and think that he/she has made the right decisions they will lean towards the integrity scale. Here, they take pride in themselves and their achievements. They lived an imperfect life, but they feel like they’ve done enough to be happy. On the other hand, people who feel like there are more many things they wish they would’ve done are leaning towards the despair scale. Here, regret, a sense of bitterness, and dissatisfaction is a common theme.

This theory is used when caring for the elderly in nursing homes. The Philippines is one of the warmest countries in the world. The hospitable, respectful, and optimistic culture in the Philippines will significantly complement the retirement age and the emotions that come with it. After retiring, people who are used to contributing to their respective workplaces will lose a sense of confidence in themselves. Solitude in nursing homes can aggravate these feelings. On the other bright side, in the Philippines, the positive energy is contagious.

What do Expats enjoy in the Philippines

  • Frequent get-together
  • Family-like relationships among neighbors
  • Cheaper standard of living
  • Affordable nursing care
  • Open house festivities for everyone to join
  • Vacations to few of the most popular beaches In the world, located in the Philippines
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Do volunteer work
  • Inspire the Filipino Youth

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