Why Cape Town is on My Bucket List

Cape Town is a must see for anyone who considers themselves a traveler or wants to have an amazing experience. This area of the world has so much to offer to both the well-seasoned tourist as well as the first time voyager.

cape town tourist spots
Table Mountain in Cape Town

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for rest and relaxation, adventure, sightseeing, or culture, you are going to find it in Cape Town. And what’s more, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own Cape Town guest house.

In Cape Town you can spend your vacation time hunting ‘Big Game’ with your camera, visiting local historical sites, trying out new and delicious cuisine, and visiting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. There are also hundreds of spas that will offer the best in relaxation therapy to make your vacation everything that you have been dreaming of.

The best way to explore the city of Cape Town is to find the perfect Cape Town guest house and use it as your base location. This will make it so you can go out and explore all of the sights of the city and the surrounding wilderness, while still having a comfortable place to return to every night.

An easy way to get a glimpse of Cape Town, all in one visit, is to book a tour with the Southern Line Train Route. This train hits all of the best spots that you would want to see, giving you a little taste of all that Cape Town has to offer.

In this way you to get stop off at all the amazing places in Cape Town, travel through the landscape, and still be able to return to the comfort of your Cape Town guest house at the end of your busy day.

People are just starting to learn about Cape Town, and everyone who visits is thrilled with their experience. That’s why Cape Town is on my bucket list.

  1. Migration Angels Australia says

    Being a born and bread capetonian this may be a biased opinion, but I think it’s one of the most iconic cities in the world. I think the World Cup in 2010 has really helped the country as a whole and it’s great to see all the improvements since the last time I was there 🙂

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