Top 10 Biggest Chinatown

in the US

melo villareal

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San Francisco CA

It was established way back in 1948 when Chinese immigrants used San Francisco as their port of entry to the United States.

Washington DC

The Washington DC Chinatown is relatively small compared to that of San Francisco’s, but it’s still full of treats!


Countless restaurants, groceries, shops, and even museums can be found here! For instance, it’s worth visiting the Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute and the Chinese-American Museum!

New York City

Imagine standing right at NYC Chinatown’s crowded streets with every touch of Asian Culture around you but up north, you could see the majestic view of the iconic Empire State Building.


Philly is also proud of its own Chinatown! On any given day or night, Chinatown, Philadelphia always has a lot of pleasurable things to offer!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Chinatown holds fantastic festivities especially during the Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, and Chinatown Summer Nights!


Downtown Chinatown, Boston is the heart and soul of the Chinese Community in the city. Despite its small size, it is considered one of the most influential places in the city!