top 10 Best Things To Do in Tagaytay City

For many years, Tagaytay City has attracted foreign and local tourists thanks to Tagaytay’s fun activities and beautiful climate. Considered as the second Summer Capital in Luzon, Tagaytay has plenty of tourist spots to explore.

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Food Trip in Tagaytay

The city is a gastronomical paradise with all sorts of food and different cuisines. You can opt to start your day with a perfect and healthy breakfast at Sonia’s Gardens. This will be a pure organic fare like no other.

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After breakfast, try something new from various fast food joints with mushrooms, burgers, and other exotic dishes.  Try Bulalo at Mahogany Market for a satisfying Bulalo fix for meat lovers.

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Find Luscious Desserts

A road trip to Tagaytay is incomplete without sampling some of the best desserts on the highland. Here, you will get oven-dried fruits, freshly baked cinnamon, cheesecakes, and yogurt ice cream at both Antonio’s and Better Than Ice Cream.

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If you are to come to the city with your partner, you can go to Sonya’s Garden and have a nice romantic dinner that replicates the feelings you have for each other.

Experience Romantic Dinner at Sonya’s Garden

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Visit Taal Volcano

From Tagaytay City, tour operators that offer Taal Volcano tours are available. It will take roughly 15 minutes to get to the volcanic island from the nearest town in Batangas, in the middle of Lake Taal.

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You have to enjoy your stay and go for a spa treatment. The city is a popular vacation destination, and there are a lot of establishments that offer spa treatments.


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