24 Tasty Filipino Foods You Should Be Eating Now

Filipinos are known for their welcoming smiles and remarkable hospitality, but if there’s one thing that makes every day truly beautiful in the Philippines, that is Filipino cuisine. In this post, we listed 24 of the Must-Eat Dishes in the Philippines.

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Adobo has been around since the Pre-Hispanic Period, when locals added vinegar and salt to cooked meat to preserve it. Adobo has a sour and mild to salty taste.

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Pinakbet is an authentic Filipino dish of vegetables, and this recipe is originally from the Northern provinces. The vegetables are cooked in shrimp or fish sauce until they’re tender.


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If you’re feeling brave, why not try some balut because it tastes really good. For the best balut, go to Pateros, but if it’s out of the way, don’t let that stop you from experiencing a good delicacy since balut is available throughout the Philippines.


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Lechon is a mainstay in every Filipino buffet spread. There are variations of this dish; some preparations call for minimal ingredients, while some use a lot.


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Laing has a pungent taste and uses taro leaves as the main ingredient, while pinangat will ensure you get a tingling sensation on your tongue because of lemongrass, which gives a mild biting taste.

Laing and Pinangat

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The hot soup, tender meat, fresh vegetables, and patis-kalamansi-red chili dip is the best partner for steamed rice on a rainy day.


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