Travel Visa-free in Taiwan for Filipino Travelers: Here’s How

Planning an urban getaway in Asia? If so, Taiwan could be your next destination to visit with your family and friends. The country offers a spectacle of a great city light, which include bustling night markets and mouth-watering cuisines.

Visa-free in Taiwan image courtesy of Cebu Pacific
Visa-free in Taiwan image courtesy of Cebu Pacific

Among the much-loved destinations in this place by lots of Filipino travelers include the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, Maokong Gondola, Fort San Domingo, the hot spring in Beitou, Shilin Night Market, Ximending and a lot more.

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Here is the exciting news that will certainly put a smile on everyone’s face: Filipinos can now visit Taiwan even without a visa.

There are some important notes you have to know before following the step by step instructions below. But the most important is that the Visa-free in Taiwan offer is only limited to Filipino travelers who has had valid Visa entries from the US, Australia, Japan, Korea, Canada or any Schengen country.

Taiwan at Night
Taiwan at Night

If you want to know how then you have to check out the requirements set forth below.

1. Get to the Internet and visit

Now, this part is a piece of cake since all you have to do is visit the website. Once you’re on the site, you’ll notice that the words are in mandarin so it is best to change the language settings to English – that is, of course, if you cannot understand the language.

Festival in Taiwan
Festival in Taiwan

2. Fill up the form

There is a form that you have to fill up with essential information about your travel. This includes your name, passport number, birthday, contact info, and other special requirements. Take note that invalid information will lead to denial so make sure that everything is correct.

3. Show the printout during check-in and immigration

Now, this is the part that you have to show the form to the person in charge of check-in and immigration. Again, provide the correct information on the form or else you will find your travel denied.

Taipei 101 Taiwan
Taipei 101 Taiwan

When you know the requirements and other essential notes, you are now ready to visit Taiwan without securing a Taiwanese Visa. The steps are simple and can be done within just a couple of minutes.




  1. […] Several international airlines offer daily flights to Taipei. In the Philippines, airlines like AirAsia offer flights from Manila and Cebu to Taipei. Filipino travelers should secure a tourist visa to fly to Taiwan but if you currently or previously had a valid Visa from the US, Australia, Japan, Korea, Canada or any Schengen country then all you need is to fill out a form online to get a Visa-Free pass to Taiwan. […]

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