As you know, Im an avid fan of iPhone. In fact, I have used iPhone since its first release and even before other copycats released their own touch screen phone, I have been using my iPhone as a backup camera whenever I go out of town. How do i protect my iPhone? Its simple, I always get a simple but protective iPhone case just like my new Musubo hyper-grip Case.

Musubo HyperGrip iPhone 5 Case
Musubo HyperGrip iPhone 5 Case

The Musubo hyper-Grip for the iPhone 5 has just been released for sale worldwide. Made in Hong Kong, it has a number of features that makes this form of protection stand out. The Musubo hyper grip protection for the iPhone 5 is truly among those rare merchandise that has a sold out tag to its reputation. This Hong Kong based iPhone case maker has brought out two designs for the iPhone 5, the Hypergrip and the Retro. With a high quality silicone rubber case the grip has a molded pattern on both sides of it which make for an exceptional grip. This makes it quite handy even for the elderly folks.

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To further boost the grip there is a vertical plastic band across it. The glossy plastic strip and durable soft touch silicone has a stunning design that is a fashion statement in itself. The grip comes with a folding video stand.

HyperGrip for iPhone 5
HyperGrip for iPhone 5

Technicalities of the Musubo

The technical details of the Musubo hyper grip are an ultra enhanced grip for both control and comfort, a very sporty design, a polycarbonate reinforcement band not to forget the soft touch silicon, with a product dimension of 7*1*5 inches. This iPhone 5 Hyper-Grip provides protection for the power and volume buttons with raised rubber shields. With a 3.5 mm headphone jack, the rear camera has a neat cut-out. The access to buttons as well as the screen protector included, adds to the convenience. Customers who have used the Musubo protection contend that the no slip grip and peppy design offer value for money.

The manufacturer boasts of stunning designs that change the real into surreal. With a combination of both fashion and protection Musubo states the fact that it has creatively brought out awe inspiring solutions. With a weight of 150 gm, the grip does not add any bulk to the phone that is noticeable, Many buyers have concluded that it has exceeded their expectations. As a matter of fact while the phone has fallen off frequently onto a hard surface, the grip has kept the phone intact and well protected.

iPhone 5 cases from Musubo
iPhone 5 cases from Musubo

The video stand, also referred to as a kick stand, made of plastic is very easy to maneuver and has three levels of incline that offers the viewer the best viewing angle possible. This is a big plus when one considers conference calls with the speaker phone function. The hyper grip is certainly a great option for the budget customer, with value for money it is worth a buy. Offered in strikingly lively colors it comes in Red, White, Black and Blue.

Some customers are even conscious that the sporty look of the grip reflects their love for a sport like tennis but would recommend a front screen protector as the only add on feature to the Musubo. The Musubo hyper-grip is an inevitable buy with the iPhone 5. With its sporty design and striking colors it offers much needed protection for the phone.

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