Travel Gadgets : 2012 Top 10 New Travel Gadgets

Travel is fun even if you have a camera to capture everything you see and capture the experience live. But it can be more fun if you have a few more gadgets as travel partners, which makes the journey worthwhile and keep you entertained all the way through your travel.

newest polaroid camera
Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera

Most of the cool gadgets which come out now are mostly portable as well, aiding you in easy navigating, charging of your mobile devices as well as in keeping you entertained not to mention showing off your priced possessions to the fellow travelers.

solo wheel travel gadget

Following are a few of the coolest and best gadgets that you can enjoy while you travel.

• Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera : Running in Google’s Android operating system, the SC1630 camera sports a 16 Megapixel sensor and 32 GB memory (microSD Card), the camera also lets the users share the pictures instantly in Flickr, Twitter etc. If you dont pay too much attention, you will think that this is an iPhone coz it looks too similar to the priced apple gadget.

Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger
Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger

• Solowheel : Why walk and explore when you can use this piece of innovation? The Solowheel weighing about 26 pounds is basically an electric unicycle, with a self balancing feature and a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. You can carry it anywhere easily and let it carry you when necessary. It costs about $1,795/-.

• GreenZero Wall Travel Charger : The eco-friendly charger from Mushroom detects whether your mobile device is fully charged and shuts off the main power after charging, thus protecting your battery from being overcharged. The charger is priced around $30/-.

Powerbag by Ful Backpack
Powerbag by Ful Backpack

• Powerbag : Packed with a lot of power to juice up laptops, smartphones and tablets, the Powerbag is a great means of charging, on the go. It has built-in charging module and cables to suit almost all types of devices mentioned above. It has a price tag ranging from $139-$179.

• PlayStation Vita : Survive a long road trip with this feature-rich device from Sony. This handheld gaming consoles can keep you entertained with cool cameras, broadband connection and even motion sensors. With spectacular graphics and a brilliant touchscreen display, you will also be able to play games with friends who are far away but online and active in Playstation Vitas as well as Playstation 3s.

Sony HMZ-T1
Sony HMZ-T1

• PowerTrekk : With this cool charger gizmo, you don’t need to find a plug or look for direct sunlight to charge your mobile phones and other devices. All you need is a little bit salt or freshwater to mix with a PowerPukk which comes with the device and PowerTrekk will be ready to charge your devices. Good to take if you are planning to trek, camp or hike. Costs about $240/-.

• Sony HMZ-T1 : Your very own portable, mini home cinema system. The head mounted portable HMZ-T1 home cinema system offers surround sound and an HD TV screen of 150 inch projected to a distance of about 12 feet in front of you. The best option if you feel like watching a movie on the go. Priced around $1,260/-.

JetBook Color
JetBook Color

• G4 Chrome MP3 Player: Go Scuba diving with this 100% waterproof MP3 disc, one of the smallest of its kind. You can enjoy your favorite soundtracks even under water for a price of just $80.

• JetBook Color : A first of its kind e-reader with color E ink display, jetBook color supports numerous document formats and lots of pictures. It features talking dictionaries, wireless access to online textbooks, foreign language grammar help, speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities. Priced around $500/-.

• Jawbone UP : A clever device running with a great iPhone app to keep tabs on your metabolism and also track your daily activities. Also alerts you when it’s time for some exercise. Costs about $130/-.
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    Im glad ive found your Blog, it will help a lot of people to be aware during their holidays. I will purchase most of the gadgets on your blog. Thank you and God Bless always.

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